Martha Stewart: Why I Love My Drone


Because it's a useful tool. And imagine what Louis XIV could have accomplished at Versailles if he'd had one

There’s been a lot of discussion and a tremendous amount of speculation lately about the nature of drones and their role in our society as useful tools and hobbyist toys.

Last year, while celebrating my birthday in Maine, I was given a drone fitted with a high-definition camera. After a quick introduction to the mechanics of operating the contraption and a few words about its idiosyncrasies, I loaded the appropriate app on my iPad and went down to the beach.

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  • For goodness sake, she's flying an AR Drone which it has a control range of about 200 ft. She doesn't need to know the altitude rule because her toy quad doesn't have enough control range to break the altitude limit.

    For once a positive drone story in the media, and all you people can do is complain.

  • @Dave Smith

    yes taking pictures of your family with a drone is damaging when it seems like the operator has total disrespect for the rules of operating that vehicle while doing it.

  • Developer

    I think Martha Stewart is remarkably tech savvy.   Years ago I was involved with a company called Triton Logging and we designed an ROV for harvesting trees underwater in hydro-electric dams.  She was one of the first media organizations that picked up on the story.  It was pretty cool.  Who would ever have though that Martha Stewart Living Television would feature a story on underwater robots?3701798076?profile=original

  • Developer
    What interesting is that at the bottom of the article linked to is a 2m montage of drone footage. Even Grand Central Station appears. And the infamous drone flying through fireworks... Now is that commercial footage? The FAA needs to shutdown Time magazine ;-)
  • @ Dave Smith
    as a feminist I take offence at you insinuating my comment was because she is a woman. I did like her because she's an out of touch narcissist which has nothing to do with her sex.

    the problem here is the article shows she has the typical attitude of the "new drone users", I know how to fly it so I can do what ever I want with it. her own comments makes it clear she has no clue about height limits are likely any laws drones have to follow. just see how she gets it out of the box and just goes flying without seeing if she's flying in a no fly zone .

    all she sees is a new toy without understanding the responsibility that comes with it.

    its nice to have some good press sure I'd just like it if it didn't glorify the very behavior that's that makes us look bad. yes she can learn the rules but the damage is already done now.

  • MR60

    @Dave, humor humor.

  • There is this... 3701797585?profile=original

    UAV Fool's Gold
    Martha Stewart  has recently embraced  3D printing  and  UAVs . Two technologies that I have been using for 13 and 20 years. I respect th...
  • I wonder if this is a smart PR placement on someone's part. Apparently drone PR is a thing now...this company is VERY new, but they've initiated a PR campaign for a "drone prize" you can read about under the Blog tab.

  • Funny, that's exactly what I thought the first time I flew my drone - Louis XIV could've used one of these.

    But seriously, it's nice to have a little positive media. It's good to have this on

  • Guys, UAV is here to stay. The general public is going to get involved, whether we like it or not. It is better that we have articles that promote the positives of this technology rather than the usual paranoid dribble we usually get.

    Go Martha!

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