MAVBoard Indiegogo Ending Soon


Hey all, I just wanted to remind everyone the MAVBoard Indiegogo Campaign is ending in less than 5 days. It is just shy of half way meeting its goal, but its a flex funding campaign, so everyone will get their boards regardless. But if you would like one in the initial batch, now is the time to get one!

I recently decided I was going to do all my own SMD assembly for the boards. I bought an arduino based reflow oven, and did a trial run batch of boards the other day. 

Here is a peek at my assembly station:


The resulting boards look fantastic (see picture at top)

Full details have been posted to the Indiegogo updates page.

I have also started to port the Teensy code to the MAVBoard pro to support native telemetry display on the Taranis RC transmitter. I have a few MAVLink variables showing up, so its just a matter of cleaning up the code, and getting the remaining pieces of data into the serial stream. My OpenLRSng just showed up as well, so that will be next after the Taranis.

Thanks to everyone who has already backed the project! 

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  • Hello,

        Are you still selling the Mavboard Pro_

  • Boards are assembled! Next to my jD-IO Board v1.1


  • @mP1 - Color is simply the standard purple from boards. 

    @Hugues - Combined board might not be good since its separate teams that maintain them, but a combined case with special adapter is a good idea!

  • MR60

    It would be nice to have an integrated minimosd on your board to make an even tidier setup, or maybe a case that would envelope the two boards

  • Completely unrelated but what to the colours of the boards mean ? Does purple/green etc mean something or is it just cosmetic ?

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