The secret of photosynthesis

Two researchers at the ANU have used computer modelling to discover a natural method of producing cheap and limitless hydrogen. The chemists have identified the molecular process by which plants photosynthesise, that is, use light to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar.

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  • We were supposed to not need batteries after last week's graphene breakthrough.

  • Same way they do now... Your fridge a/c will tun the clock faster or slower... No worries... The only worry i have is for these 2 chaps.... 

  • Even if it was possible to efficiently transfer large amounts of energy in open air, don't you think it would be a little dangerous to send large amounts of power?  That article is talking about pulsed high wattage and voltage spikes.  In nature that's called lightning, I think.

    Besides, how will power companies meter who uses what? ;-)

  • @ Ellison

    I agree with radio waves we know it’s impossible to transfer power.

    Tesla used a longitudinal wave not an electromagnetic Hertzian wave.

    ExtraOrdinary Technology | Vol 1 No 4 | Tesla’s Wireless Energy... For the 21st Century!!!
  • Thanks, Andreas, I didn't realize it was a problem, when I approved it.  Turned off now.

  • I think nowadays that we know enough that we're not going to be sending electrical power over the air.  Open air is really not a good conductor for electrical fields.  Radio stations put out 10's of thousands of watts, and we all know there's no way to power any device from it.

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  • It is possible if Tesla's dream of Global Wireless power transfer becomes reality. Tesla demoed once in Long Island 100 years ago using huge Tesla Coil funded by JP Morgan.

  • Still need batteries, as you cannot carry hydrogen tanks up there.  They would be too heavy.

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