Me and My Mobius


The latest Mobius C2 is an excellent cost effective lightweight 1080p mini action camera. With a wide angled lens packing a horizontal field of view of approx. 131 degrees of panoramic picture; a runtime of around 80 minutes officially supporting up to 32GB Micro SD memory card.

What makes the Mobius C2 so special?


The Mobius action camera is a sophisticated mini camera designed by users for users with a considerable input from the online communities.


You have the simplicity of just 3 buttons (power, shutter, mode) allowing you to flip between taking a photo, filming at 1080p 30fps and 720p 60fps (excellent for slow motion) or hook up to a computer and go under-the-hood easily tweaking just about every setting possible using freely available software with an array of cables and accessories. This allows the camera to be tailored to the application - using as a dash camera in your car right to flying in the sky attached to your First Person View Drone racer.

All Mobius cameras hit the mark when it comes to delivering raw power on a shoe string and the C2 takes the Mobius up another notch with a wider angled lens, sharper images and colours exceeding its already impressive C lens predecessor (for comparison videos search on YouTube “Mobius C2 review”).

Helpful tips for My Mobius?


1. Don’t lose it

The Black-Ops camera design may look sleek but it’s fairly easy to lose due to its matte black colour and size. When flying on-board a Drone it is a needle in a haystack if it becomes detached after a crash - which nearly always happens in FPV Drone racing.

So put it into its own case if you are not using it, and when using as an action camera e.g. flying on your drone, make sure its securely attached and also BLING up your Mobius with bright colours (tape or paint) – it’s time to manufacturer the next Mobius cameras in bright colours and that also goes for Drone manufacturers!

2. Update the camera firmware

Relatively easy to do for the non-techie (YouTube) and benefit from the continued improvements provided by the Mobius online communities.

3. Camera settings

Setup using the latest software, YouTube videos and documentation for the Mobius ActionCam (free mobile and computer apps available)

4. Micro SD memory card(s)

If you have the latest camera firmware then most Micro SD cards (buy x2 cards to have a spare) should work with the camera and its recommend class 4 (minimum write speed 4MB/s) but do check online first as some higher class cards e.g. class 10 have been known to cause minor issues.

As a rough guide for the card size approx. recording times for 1080p videos with a standard data rate are 32GB Card 4 hours 30 mins, 16GB 2 hours 15 mins, 8GB 1 hour 7 mins and  4GB  33 mins.

5. Clean lens before filming

If using the camera as stand-a-lone it has no on-board viewfinder so to eliminate the disappointment of later finding out the lens was dirty - wipe it before filming!

6. After filming transfer your film to a safe location e.g. external drive

7. Take it with you everywhere you go and enjoy!

In conclusion, the Mobius C2 is a superb little action camera where the design encompasses many subtle but invaluable nuances. Helpful links below for Mobius C2, get involved with the online communities and provide feedback for future improvements. link Mobius C2 link Mobius

Software from the online communities link

Post by James Barton - The Home of Friendly Drones

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  • Great comments

    @Gary McCray; thanks would be good to know re. dedicated Mobius Gimbals (Eachine Light-3D/others) not requiring a conversion kit to use with GoPro gimbals

    @Craig Issod; thanks will add links, have x2 Mobius very reliable/robust - awhile back nearly only one Mobius after spectacularly crashing my FVP 250 but did manage to find it using my watch-face dials standing @ the crash site and then performing a v long human search algorithm - wasn't fun :)

    @HeliStorm; agree on the Quality to price re. GoPro, haven't tested the RunCam HD

    @Cala; re. diff on c2 check ribbon and older cases see

    @Randy; "interface to the camera to control it from a separate computer" I have only seen hacks to connect to the push-button switches but this should be possible

    @Tobias Witting; will keep looking and can then use to create a Mobius version of Google jump

    @Neil Baker; v interesting re. Foxeer Legend 1 16MP 1080P 60fps

    @Ted Van Slyck; not sure re. Mobius1080p 60fps release date - v happy with the overall package on MC2 @ 1080p 30fps; will look out for the next version

    Cheers James B.

    New Wide Angle Lens C2 to Replace the Original C Lens
    Home of the Micro HD ActionCam.
  • T3

    Does anyone have any ideas when the Mobius will be updated to at least 1080p 60fps? 

  • Interesting camera Neil, please share your results.

  • @Randy: There is an android app called "Mobius USB Tools". It features live preview (up to 4 mobius (mobii??) via usb hub. It also allows to change settings and start/stop recording. So it should be possible to write software for a PC on linux too, but I have not found anything yet

  • That Foxeer Legend is a very interesting upgrade Neil, 1080P at 60fps possibly worth the extra cost and 10 more grams.

    Also nice that it apparently has 3 lossless 1080P lens zooms, probably because of oversize chip for video.

    Please let us know how they implement RC control on/off, it is not clear how from the advert.




    This one just came out last week. There is possibly a third contender now. I'm going to order one to do some testing. I like that it can be RC controlled for video or photos. No pressing record then taking off.
    Foxeer Legend1 16MP 1080P 60fps HD Camera with Ambarella A7LS and 166 Degree Lens
    Wholesale Foxeer Legend1 16MP 1080P 60fps HD Camera with Ambarella A7LS and 166 Degree Lens
  • The 2015 Mobius manual:

    I think the Run-CAM HD works basically the same way, it really is a very close knock off of the Mobius.

    It is interesting that the Chinese are now knocking each other off.

    It would be nice if they could at least ad a switched option for start stop recording or single picture take.

  • The program have live view too but I never can connect, when it's were two separate programs in the past, I can connect and change settings from my tablet but live view never works for me, separate and now the two things in the same software, they said that the wire is the problem in most cases, I try many and nothing, now I'm waiting the original one to try.

  • Hi Randy,

    The Mobius does have a USB connector for setting modes, formatting, downloading and using it as a WebCam, but you cannot actually command video recording to start and stop or take single pictures with it through the USB controls.

    At least not so far as is disclosed in their documentation.

    These are often used in mini 250 sized quad racing FPV copters with video recording and Direct video out both turned on at the beginning of a flight, with 32GB SDs they can record quite a while at 1080P 30fps and they are easily powered with an external battery.



  • Older model had these pinouts - but they don't control it - just power it and allow FPV (composite) video output.

    The big thread:

    There are Android, PC and Mac and web-based programs for it but I think they just set the configs (interval timing, etc.).

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