Mediatek 3339 GPS module for Ardupilot / Arducopter


Globaltop PA6C Gps module

  • based on new mediatek 3339  chipset
  • Real sattelite fix time 5-7s (in home too) before ardupilot is calibrated -module always get lock
  • high accuracy
  • pin-compatible with APM2.0  & PA6B (previous 3329 chipset) adapter



get download tool & firmware with preset 38400 bps, GPGGA, GPVTG strings - for compatibility with Ardupilot/Arducopter software download here

configure arduino sketch APM_Config.h add this:


in libraries fix bug in module AP_GPS_NMEA.cpp (AC ver 2.7.3 / ap 2.6)

find uint16_t frac_min

and change to uint32_t frac_min

to pin 4 connect 5,5V 0.22F ionistor type EECS0HD224V Panasonic



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  • direct fly and direct auto landing windly weather  (wind up to 12m/c)

    plane cruise airspeed is 14 m/s

    gps 3339 globltop pa6c module


    1st point 100m attitude

    2nd point one circle around it 40m altitude

    then going to landing


    direct auto landing runway with ~5m

  • would be interesting a real comparison with the LEA 6H

    i cant compare with lea 6h i havnt its module. 

    pa6c has less weight. rapid satellites fix .
    I recently tested it with 2.65 arduplane route was planned by landmarks Google satellite images.
    plane was excellent route and landed with high accuracy in a narrow runway

  • I miss a connector for an external antenna

  • Sounds good.

    would be interesting a real comparison with the LEA 6H

  • if ionostor use

    R1 must to be changed to diode or removed

  • This model receiver has the same price as used in APM 2.0, but it is much more sensitive and accurate

    module has a factory setting that does not allow to use it in autopilot.
    Nevertheless, there is firmware that can be downloaded to the module, then ardupilot can use this module.
    autopilot was able to use the patched module must be downloaded from the Arduino ardupilot, after changing the setting of type GPS module

    optionally installed ionistor allows you to take a second satellite fix in a few seconds (for example when changing the battery)

  • Developer

    Could you please make the post a bit more clearer and easier to understand. You seem to be outlying modifications needed in APM code and on the board to make the module work, but the overall purpose seems a bit hazy.

    More info please !!

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