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  • Fantastic machine, and I can't believe how light it came out (1060 g). There is plenty of room to make something stronger if anything shows to be too weak. The only problem I see with it is that it will vibrate a lot, and it will not be easy to eliminate cause of turnable arms design.
  • Developer
    OMG... It's the most incredible creation that I have seen since I saw a quadrotor by the first time.
    And all was thoroughly calculated. Congrats!
  • Really impressive. I thought it was heavier!!!
    superb work!!!
  • esc's I mean...
  • 1060 g (including two ecs's and two motors) the weight of batteries and control boards to be added.
  • how much does it weigth?
  • John, sure I also do agree with you, some more pictures depicting it high level of mechanical complexity;

  • I could imagine this being better for certain applications than a heli. To get a high forward speed with a heli, you have to tilt it forward a lot. Here, you just tilt the props, which lessens requirements on your camera mount.
  • @Mario -- I almost hate to question the engineering, but I'm guessing you'll have an answer. It looks like you might get some flexing of the booms as the soft plastic tubing over the bearings wears and compresses with use. Any concerns with that?
  • This looks really beautiful. The level of engineering precision is impressive.

    I'm especially wondering if you have any ideas on why you want it to be able to do all this? I mean do you have any specific manoeuvres in mind? I can imagine a kind of mid-air gyroscopic motion of the whole thing, but maybe you have some great and maybe even useful ideas? =] Looking forward to the progress!
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