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  • Great work, well deserved!

    Congrats Jordi!!

  • Congrats Jordi !

  • Congratulations!!  

    I was working on a project in central Mexico a few weeks ago.  Lots of people were watching as we launched and landed.  There was a lot of pride when I explained to them that the equipment we were using was made in Mexico.  Jordi truly is a great role model and hopefully will pave the way for more Mexican tech entrepreneurs. 

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    Good show Jordi (and Chris)

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    Who would have thought this 5-6 years back With thermopile, easystar, miltiplex...
    Thumbs up.
  • Congratulations Jordi!

    Proud of all your work and open comunity!

  • Awesome stuff.  Congratulations Jordi!

  • Thats is a fantastic honour for his hard work and dedication and to the great team at 3DR

  • Congratulations to Jordi and all of 3DR, well deserved 

  • Congratulations Jordi and 3DR!

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