Mini DC-DC Voltage Stabilizer/Regulator Module

  Ran across this and just wanted to share.3689547698?profile=original Great for getting all the different voltages of your components to operate off of

one source. One module per each different voltage requirement, small and light weight. Adjustable for input voltage and output voltage and only $3.80 US


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  • @ Andrew, using a step up+down for CV is genius. 

  • Geoffrey, I am using this filter.


  • You can get those and simliar ones on eBay pretty cheap too.

  • I use this one to make 12.00V from 4S battery for FPV on my copter, works really well. No lines in video so far.

    I use other one without additional LC filter on my arduplane to make 12.00V from 6S. Also works well.

    Place a drop of heat glue on adjusting pot, just to be sure.

  • OK that is seriously cool especially for the Price.

    I need 48 volts input, but a simple Resistor drop would cover that I could afford the loss for my robot and the price is excellent, especially shipped to the US.

    DX also has a lot of other really interesting stuff.

    Thank You.

  • If you'll be pushing these modules to their limits (above 3 amps), don't forget two things - a good heatsink (those tiny radiators with a sticky tape) and some 1000uf low esr capavitors on the input and output. Otherwise, they'll fail soon enough...
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    Very noisy bastard.. But nothing a filter can't handle.
  • is bad DC-DC converter. when DCin/DCout is more than 2 and amperage 1-1.5A he very hot! After 30seconds i cant touch he more than 2-3 secons. I've heard that kis-3r33s is much better!

  • I ordered a couple and an extra to blow up :). Ill hook it up to the oscilloscope to test it's worthiness. Ill post the results here in probably a month when it decides to arrive from china.
  • Andrew

     I like the screw terminals and mounting holes on that one, it could be swapped out easily. What LC filter are you using?


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