MinimOSD Setup Video

Hi Everyone. Above is an intro video to the minimosd. It still needs a tiny bit of tailoring but I figured I would send it out to the community for review. A video series like this could be beneficial for our community to grow in the future. Open to adding on a distributor logo for some help supporting my own hobby/builds.

Of course the video is open to criticism and input. They are compiled from scratch in Adobe After Effects/Premiere.


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  • long as it work, i'm happy with it..thanks anyway..any idea where i could find out on how to set way points?i'm using APM 2.5 with 915Mhz radio telemetry. not sure how it goes..

  • @Mohd. No probs, I'm the same man, I've got to reset everytime too. It's just a habit now, but if a proper fix becomes available, I'll have another look at it. 

  • @Owen. Thanks bro..i have managed to make it work..what i did was feed in +12v to minimOSD during firmware and char update..but now i have new issue, i need to reset everytime using it..if not, it only show up this..update char set

  • at Mohd. I get this just about every time I start up. I've put a push-to-break switch between the camera feed (+12v), as a work around. Start procedure that works for me is: Plug in video battery, plug in main flight battery, press reset on the OSD, press the push-to-break switch briefly and it works. Good luck.

  • Hi, a little help here.. i have followed all necessary steps, (using on 5V to feed into MinimOSD) but i coud not see the overlay char, it only showed up booting then with this message...update char...i have updated firmware and char many times, but it seems not working...any idea?

  • I second the request by Grips to add a custom text field!

  • Moderator

    Sandro: I do have a feature request for you. I am wondering about having the ability to enter a custom, maximum 6-character field, to place on the osd? For the FPV'ers who are doing things legally, we are required to display our callsign at the beginning and at 30 minute intervals during a transmission. It would make things easier if we could display it on the OSD.

    How are things going implementing mavlink 1.0?

  • Sandro,

    I really think that there is something wrong with the video out, because my monitor connected to the video RX shows a (no signal) msg, meaning that its not only a issue of blank characters, but no signal at all....

  • Sandro, both boards are v0.1.

    Initially one stage was powered via 12v as specified in the doc. and (without soldered jumpers) and connected to the APM. The Charset upload seemed to have worked (done), but after that no more video signal, just a grey screen. I tried to reload the Charset without success...

    After that, i tried feeding the two stages via the APM only (soldered the jumpers first,tested for connectivity between the jumpers) and removed  the + (red wire) from the connector plugged to the second stage.board to the APM and tried reloading the Charset, but same result. I also tried with 5-6v (battery) directly to the board, same result.  I'm not even getting the initial Arducam logo screen on boot up.  The only thing i didn't try is reloading the firmware with arduino only. Since i CAN reload the firmware to that board via the supplie program, i didnt think it would solve the problem.. maybe i am wrong.

  • Developer

    @Mario, could you check the version of both boards?

    "So, since i had not reloaded the charset, i decided to do so. After that , i completely lost video signal."
    So, did you update charset with two stages powered? If yes. It should be right.

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