MK II H frame quad now flying


MkII H frame quad now flying.

Frame weighs about 60g less than Mk1 with much more room and accessibility to the nose sections. The arm O rings mounts are more firm than the Mk1 but vibration levels about the same. All RAW x,y,z accel vib about +- 1.5. Its possible to fly without reversed motors but the YAW rate is still much better with them reversed. As the arms are enclosed there is no problem if an O ring brakes and it has been flown with two missing on the same side.

I am now working on an internal nose gopro gimbal.

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  • 3mm clearance may be a bit small but you will see where it hits so just increase.

    I am hoping to make 'rain proof' quad so I am thinking a lot about having ESC inside but know there will be heat problems. Some people say if you dont use BEC but have separate one heat is MUCH less. I dont know. My octa has separate UBEC and runs cool. My quad uses all BECs combined and it runs hot, even outside. I have fitted fins to help cool it. I have one Castle Creations ESC in a plane. Very nice as it records everything and tells of any problems but they are expensive and not best for multicoter.

  • Thanks,

    My arms 12mm and hole diameter 18mm. I think its ok.

    Yes problem is esc overheating. I have tested esc indoor and outdoor. Esc working properly outside of box but esc

    extremely heating inside of box and 3 minutes after motor speed slowly decresing.

    Good luck to you for your carbon works.

  • I use These O rings but your tubes may be at a different distance than mine. Just experiment.

    That looks very nice. Make sure you get all the sharp edges off the aluminum. The clearance hole needs to be quite big as the arms move around a lot. I also used a foam ring in between the clamp and the side of the hull. It just helps to cover up the hole.

    So it was ESC that caused the problem?

    I have been carbon laminating today, making a cover for the octa electronics. Its in the vacuum bag now.

    You will be happy with the vibration after this mod.

  • Hi Vince,

    I will try your suspension system. I finished arms and waiting new escs.

    Please can you give me information about orings? Hard or soft? How much shore?


  • No I didnt try it yet. I still have 3.01 on this copter and the octa.

  • Vince, did you try auto tuning? I heard auto tuning not working properly with very soft frame.

  • Neat setup Vincent. Very impressive

  • Did some video for the local village and the pub. here are some stills.

    3692676538?profile=original3692676657?profile=originalI still sometimes get jello, especially at low power. I think the camera mount has too much flex so will try to stiffen it. May also try smaller props to increase the RPM, just out if interest.

  • Hi, My H-1 was grounded for gut re-arrangement. I hollowed her out all the way through. I thought there might be some fuselage rigidity issues, but it seems OK. I placed the battery mid-ship and moved the board up to the front. I mounted my GPS and Bluetooth unit in the nose. I'm looking for a good mount spot for the sonar.

    I have taken her up with a video camera attached and still had some jelly in the video. Not much....very odd with new motors and props. I suspect the 2 stiffening braces adds to the harmonics effect. Sounds like a bass guitar....

    I did not get any oscillations with the standard PID's. I'll start testing the Alt hold and waypoint flight in next week. Another project jumped me yesterday(real work), so H-1 will be on the back burner until I can sort this.

    I'll post some pics when I have made it all neat.

    Have you caught the quick lamb yet? A good yank of the lions tail would be chasing the cops with your pics of that and I'll buy you a ale of your choice. 

  • $28 !

    Think at that price it will probably sell well and the folding thing is quite neat. Expect it will be popular with the guys on here that are having GPS and compass problems as you can spread the stuff out. No vibration damping though and it will be a bugger to clean out all the mud after a mishap.

    glad you got yours sorted. How does it feel?


    Have just been playing with the tuning on mine. Got rate P up to .3 and D to .02. Still no signs of oscillations but it feels like pulling the lions tail.



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