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  • Where did the plane crash? Inside the airfield perimeter or on the M11 that is next to the airfield?

  • This is LMA.........Its a long will it be before they screw it up for all of us..

    makes my blood boil!...

    as one LMA representative said to me once on a flight line..(we are display pilots and fly at most shows) " we fly real only fly toys!"

    Aaarrghhhhhh! we will pay for this mistake for sure...

    2 years ago, we had a twin turbine 35 foot long, 75kg hunter cross the pits, flight line, camping area......

    I was stearing down the inlets, in the pits as the LMA "proficiency qualified" pilot simply could not control it....

    needless to say due to popular demand this guy was banned from flying it again...but ONLY after a real stink was kicked up..

    Its only a matter of time before we all in the UK pay for another LMA incident!

  • Developer
    When large 3s+ 3500 mah+ lipos catch fire. They can shoot flames 1-2 meters.
    A shovel and bucket of sand or salt will smoother lithium fire safely, stand up wind! Don't use water on battery until lithium fire dies down. I have a large pottery crock to charge big lipos in.. I always have sand or salt and a shovel in my trunk, good for winter driving too.
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    Doesn't AMA mandate fire extinguishers?

    I am sure our Canadian version (MAAC) does (?)
  • T3
    Good point I have not see a fire extinguisher at our field in bone dry southern California. A topic for the next meeting.

    I had a Sig Cadet crash were the ESC set the plane on fire before it hit the ground. The only reason I did not cause a major brush fire was that the plane when into a recently plowed field adjacent to out fields. runway
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    I found a video on YouTube which showed a LiPo fire after a crash and no-one had a fire extinquisher so it burnt up... one guy ran up with a pop bottle but didn't help.

    I am amazed at the frequent lack of basic safety equipt, at flying fields or anywhere planes are flying.
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