Modified HK FPV platform


I made following modifications

wing span increased to 74 in

root cord 12inch

Tip cord 9inch

Tested with 2x8000mah Tenergy pack

got 1hr endurance

Di-hedral 4inch from wing tip 

IT is very hard to turn from aileron will reduce the di-hedral to 2inch

Prop apc 1407E will test 1412E

Takeoff weight was 4000grams



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  • Also a little perplexed at the low endurance with that much battery capacity.  I've got a Skywalker weighing in at 2.3Kg with a 6000MAh 3s and I usually land it after 45 mins with a good 30% reserve on the battery. 

  • Moderator

    2x8000mAh = 1h endurance?   Correct me if i am wrong. I use 1x 6000mAh, the same airplane, same weight and 45 min of endurance..


  • @madhuran this is the Long range FPV 168

  •  I like how you extended the motor mount for a bigger prop, have you got a close up picture that shows more detail of that motor mount? Which HK model did you start with?


  • do you handlauch this? or bungee?

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