MookaFrame: New 3D frame

I am trying to convince me that AC2 can fly better...

So, in my spare time, I designed this new frame. I think to send in production (ponoko?) as soon as possible.

The concept is that everything, especially motors, must be protected.

I definitely must add the landing gear, propeller protection and camera mount, shouldn't I?

Any suggestion appreciated.





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  • Really? also polycarbonate?

  • 3D printing this is a bad idea...

    The majority of the materials (at least the affordable ones) used for 3D printing are very brittle and will not withstand the vibrations/impacts of a quadrotor.

  • How are you planning to attach the arms to the main cylinder? Because that doesn't look too solid...

    What about the bounding box measurements? Can each piece fit in a 3D printer?

    I'd try to make the main cylinder a bit less high for less wind resistance during horizontal movement, but that might not be a huge problem considering the speed you're going to be flying at.

  • @Robert, yes i agree the ones on the quad are not for protection but it sparked the idea :)

  • @Fab, I'm pretty sure those things on top of the quads in the video are not for protection. I think they are rackets for playing tennis or something.

  • Won't a good ol aluminium frame be much stronger? Out of the top of my head 3D printed material has a E-modulus of 3GPa, aluminum is 70. (in this case , maybe steel is stronger since it has 210GPa at a density of 7800kg/m^3 vs aluminum at 2700 kg/m^3)

  • Yes, but with 3D printing I think we can...let stay tuned...

  • You are right about the aerodynamics, ideally the tube would be round at the end and square in the beginning. Sdly that's not possible for a hobbyist such as us :(

  • Thank you. If you look at the first arducopter frame you will notice that the aluminium arm are not joint, and that is the reason it was so weak. I can put a cross but in this way I have to re-design the body, because the internal space will decrease. Round tubes have a concern with respect to aerodynamics.  The wind flow created by the motors will be lesser turbolent if it goes through rounded surfaces. I think it is a matter of stability...maybe I am wrong. 

  • Your construction would be much stiffer with a cross in the middle to connect the tubes, since now you are loading the sides of the large tube in torsion, where they're not as stiff. (try bending/folding a cardboard plate versus shearing it sideways)

    Furthermore, wouldn't square tubes be better? While round tubes are stronger versus twisting, squares are much stiffer versus bending. (though I don't know how big the torsional load is in a quad, you might be right that that one is larger)

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