Hi Everyone,

Maybe you remember, I released OpenLRS Opensource RC radio system in this summer and promised "you can use our receivers as multicopter controller" 

I'm glad to share our new code implementation for MultiWii. 
We added OpenLRS tab into MultiWii 1.9 firmware and replaced 10-15 lines into the original code for radio system integration. Then you dont need an extra controller board just connect your OpenLRS radio receiver and sensors for flying :)

OpenLRS Rx v2 boards supporting all(6) hardware PWM channels of Atmega328P. You can use most of arduino based multicopter controller firmwares with X,+,Y,6Y,Hexa or Octa frames.

As you can see on below, we are using only radio receiver and sensors (ADXL435 + ITG3205 breakouts) for this flight.
ESCs directly connected to OpenLRS receiver. I used our sensor breakout boards, because of stackable board design. We can plug all(acc,gyro, pressure, magnetic) sensors with one 4 pin header in 15x15x8mm space. ITG3200 board under the ADXL345 board in this photo. 

I used unpopulated controller board as base plate, this is why everything looking in red :) 


I used CopterFrame.com's GrassHopper Basic frame.  Ozan(owner of copterframes.com) designed this revolutionary frame for durability and camera mounting without propeller perspective. It's only 3 boom quadrocopter frame, simple like our controller concept :)



Google code page for OpenLRS codes:


OpenLRS product page for hardwares:

Our OpenLRS forum for questions

Thank you for keeping open your codes!  


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  • @Sandro,  sorry we arent selling them as combo. Yes we have failsafe setup and it's opensource, also you can write your own failsafe mode. The range depends 10+ things. Altitude, fresnell zone, antenna quality/type, other rf sources etc. Basically 7W UHF reflects from stratosphere and clouds and you can fly without line of sight. The range must be more than 25-30km in normal conditions. And 100+km in very specific conditions. All depends your setup.  

    Here is the photo of X9 + adapter + openlrs tx setup.


    @Dhiyauddin,  follow the MultiWiiCopter forum for your questions. It is very big and helpful community and you can find 1000+ example of multiwii. 

  • Cool..but Melih..could u help me out with mine??i'm using arduino UNO+ITG3205 (WMP)+ADXL335..and i don't know how to fly that thing..seriously..even with the codes given in the archive

  • Nice

  • Developer

    Great idea to explore OpenLRS's resources!

    I'm looking for a LR system. I'm now wondering how looks the combo of all the Flytron parts (I mean OpenLRS + 7W booster + Futaba adapter for 9X). Did you have pictures of a setup like that? How long you can go with it? Does it has a fail safe setup already? (Sorry about all those questions at once).

    BTW, that frame design is awesome simple and super cool!.

  • I love the concept, looks ideal for my Firefly Mark One  miniframe that I just finished designing.  I should look into designing a mounting plate.  It would be ideal, if this supports the Pololu Mini IMU.  The combination of my frame this controller, and the Pololu would make a great miniQuad platform!

    Do you have any issues with interference, since the 433mHz UHF channel is pretty busy.

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