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MPU-6050 now available with breakout board


Want to play with the awesome Invensense MPU-6000/6050 sensor used by APM 2 but struggling with the fine-pitch surface mount form factor? Sparkfun has come to your rescue with this handy breakout board version of the 6050. They're a little expensive at $40 each, but it's a great chip and very much the future of aerial robotics. 

(BTW, the difference between the MPU-6000 and the MPU-6050 is that the first uses a SPI data interface and the second is I2C)

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  • I used MPU-6050 with Gumstix (I2C at 400khz), i had  latency to get all data in 1ms,  i tried to make my breakout but the soldering is difficult.

    Why Diy Drones not purpose a breakout for these sensor?

  • 3D Robotics

    Ou: We prefer the MPU-6000. SPI is a more robust protocol for UAV applications. Otherwise the chips are the same. 

  • that refers to the fact that the pins are very small and close together. This sensor is hard to solder with just an iron, but easily done using hot air.

    Also the MPU-6000 does both SPI and I2C, where as the MPU-6050 just does I2C.

  • It's a great sensor, i'm looking for SPI Version.


  • could APM2 use MPU-6050?

  • It's really a great sensor for UAV application. You can find too here http://www.drotek.fr/shop/en/42-mpu6050-gyro-accelerometer.html for 22.49 euros outside of Europe.

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