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  • Robert,

    That is a vibration test rig for evaluating isolation schemes.

  • It is a great piece and all the featured players are well-deserving.  It's a shame, though, that the folks that really started the RC UAS movement get no mention what-so-ever.  They're destined to go the route of the guys that created the first personal computers, the spreadsheet, the word processor, and the PC operating system, whom no one ever heard of, yet whose efforts revolutionized computing and made billions for companies that co-opted their work.  

  • Wonderfully positive and inspiring. A great bit of press! 

    It is more than a blessing that the founder of this movement is also such a capable ambassador.  Chris speaks with great authority and is always engaging and insightful.

    Gus, you are a great role model for those of us just starting out.  The performance of your craft and other achievements are just outstanding.  You must easily hold the current record for most expensive cargo lifted with a multirotor (surely there must be a DIYD badge in it for you).

    Can someone shed some light on what Chance Roth or Chance Roth's foundation is within the industry? Or what qualifies him as a pioneer? His google+ page lists Inventor, Innovator and Internet Entrepreneur, but his website simply shows a splash page which appears not to have been updated since 2012.  I am aware of the Pocket Drone Kickstarter campaign, but also that this campaign doesn't even finish until March, and it's popularity thus far appears to have been predicated on some seemingly dubious claims, a mountain of free press and the consistent and deliberate use of gimbalised video footage to sell an ungimbalised aerial video platform (hence my skepticism).

  • That was excellent!! :)

  • That always helps. I thought it was a little heavy on the military side... anything with missiles and us is not so good. I know that isn't your fault as you didn't produce the piece. 

  • I was very impressed by the show's producer, Frank Silverstein. He did an outstanding job asking us pertinent questions and he made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera.

  • Great interviews.  

  • So what's the story with the subwoofer/shaker table?

  • "Persevere and Ye shall see the fruit..."

  • The secret of the 1 man small business drone revolution is American Express.

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