My 1st Quad


I'm attempting my 1st quad build. I've been reading up on this for a very long time now and have finally jumped in. Cash is not always readily available, so I get my components small batches at time. Time is also quite an issue, so build small parts when and where I can.

Here is a parts list/pic


and my frame construction


Well that's what I got so far. I still need a radio and battery and also need to design/develop some landing gear.

I'm getting the ever popular HK 9X and thinking of 2600MAh 3S 30c battery.

Because this my 1st quad, I'm going for cheap controller boards, just to get the hang of it experiment with some frames etc. I will in the very near future get an APM!

Please tell me your thoughts

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  • thumbs up for the last sentence of Olivier Dufayt! :D

    Good luck Marcel!

  • It look's like you have most of what's needed to start...

    I also recommend the cheap KK2.0 board for your first quad. It has a self leveling feature (be sure to load the last firmware) and it is easy to tune.

    If you have no experience in rc, practice a bit on the simulator with a classical heli model, it will help you a lot to understand the way the quad will react to your orders.

    It also look's like your motors have the "good" prop adapters...

    Be careful with your frame, electrical PVC can be on the flimsy side. I build my firs frame with aluminium and wood for less then 10€...

    BTW, I started video recording with the same little cam, and it does the job quite well (of course it's not a GoPro !). Be sure to build a vibration free fixture for it.

    Good luck, you'll be addicted...

  • This is a great place to start, but I would maybe suggest building an H frame out of wood or light aluminum. PVC will definitely become the source of frustration.

    Even using a solvent based glue, the joints will work themselves apart, I have had first hand experience with that, it is also very hard to get "true" straight arms, any slight bend or twist will introduce directional trust.

    The other big issue you will see with PVC is huge static build up. Vibrations alone will turn the frame in to a big van de graaf generator :)

    The previous comment about goodluckbuy kk board is also correct, I got a hexa package from them with that board, and could not get it to stay in the air no matter what I tried as far as firmware was concerned.

    Good luck with your first run! I love the ingenuity!
  • @Doug

    Thank you very much for your comments!

    I intend using some PVC glue or silicon to prevent the arms from rattling loose. And thx for the tip running bladeless to check.

    This is indeed my 1st RC aircraft and the whole idea is to use it as a trainer and just get better at it


  • Hi Darren

    No worries, I need all the info/help I can get. I bought from E-bay, from some Chinese shop. I only bought to "learn". I don't want to get the APM and crash it.... I'think I will get the HK LCD one with my next order.

  • Marcel, Very good!

    You have a clever use of material for your airframe. Adaptation of another product, especially electrical hardware, makes for affordable replacements. Make certain your arms won't vibrate loose or rotate after some time.

    Vibration is a factor we all deal with in one form or another. Prior to your first flight attempts, I would run the system up with no props. Sit it on a hard, flat surface and pay attention to the shakes and rattles. Some folk spend huge amounts of time balancing props and motors. As this is your first quad (and maybe your first RC aircraft), don't dwell on that (unless you have a motor/prop grossly out of balance).

    Consider this aircraft your 'starter' and build on this experience.

    If you are using a collet type prop adapter, repeatedly pull on the assembly after installation and between flights or tests. This type of propellor mount fails too often. It is a poor reason to have a crash.

    Good luck with your project!


  • hi

    i dont mean to be negative .

    but the kk board you have in your photo looks like the type "goodluckbuy" sell . i have found them

    poor quailty (not working ,gyros falling off etc) and usb programmer useless .

    To avoid disappointment i would surrguest if your going low cost to get the HK kk with the LCD.

    Or better still save for a little longer and get the APM .

    Your frame looks interesting , look forward to seeing it fly.


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