My aluminum Nexus 7 TX mount

3689599608?profile=originalEbay was running a great deal on refurbished 2nd gen Nexus 7's, so I thought it would be a great time to step away from my HoTT telemetry (and the headache of constantly making the module work with the arducopter code) and upgrade to DroidPlanner2 and the new 3DR radio!  

There were a few posts about people doing this, with some very great ideas with varying complexity. Hobbyking also has a carbon fiber solution for this (I ordered, but decided I couldn't wait).

I am in the process of building myself a CNC (but I also couldn't wait to be finished with that). The mount is pretty simple, I have a lot of aluminum flats of varying sizes that I got from Lowes for some frame builds, with a little bit of measuring, a pencil, bandsaw, sander and file I crafted this.  It turned out to be very rigid, even without any horizontal bracing.

More at my project blog!



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  • I tried to do something similar with my Nexus 7, but I abandoned the effort. After mounting the tablet over the TX, I realized that the whole thing was too top-heavy for me to grab it in a relaxed-manner and fly without having to worry that it would topple. The TX was far off-balance for me.

    Don't you have the same problem?

  • ..I posted link because of folding mechanism...

  • MR60

    @Emin, i like Secraft too but this model requires the whole transmitter tray that is very very expensive (it does not clamp universally on a Taranis or a Turnigy radio handle bar)

  • nice DIY Daniel

    I like Seacraft solutions,for me its important that lcd is foldable over TX for transportation... Seacraft is not cheap,but I can confirm they have excellent quality products...maybe someone can get idea from pictures..
  • Hi Daniel, great work with the mount!

    I've seen youre previous post on graupner telemetry, are you still using it?

    im using it on mz18 but i have to use apm firmware 3.01... have you find something for 3.1 firmware?



  • Count me in if you start selling them.

  • Developer

    Depending on price, I'd be interested in buying one too!

  • Hugues, thats a good idea. If people would be interested, I see no reason not to :)

  • MR60

    Nice. I need one like this for my own Nexus. Will you sell then once CNC'ed?

  • Developer

    I like the non-intrusive design. I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile but haven't felt like ripping open my transmitter. Thanks for sharing!

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