My EDF TriCopter Project


Primary outline of parts/components are on my tumblr blog:

I really wanted to build something with ducted fans... And I also really wanted a tricopter for its yaw control (great for video).   So after contemplating a hover tank quad for a while, I decided that a tricopter would be smarter (also way less involved!  I will probably come back to the hover tank at some point :P).

I had the basic frame design come to me after I started to shape the front section.  I decided, since I had so much space in the front portion, that I would put the tail control servo up the front and articulate the entire tail.


  • All aluminum hand built frame, with full tilt tail boom (bearings for smoothness)
  • 3x 70mm ducted fan units (CW & CCW) powered by 2300KV motors + 60A ESCs on 6s battery!
  • APM 2.5 running Arducopter 2.9-dev (git 3/8/2013) + hott-for-ardupilot classes (for telemetry)
  • Graupner GR-24 receiver running PPMSum (yay 1 wire)
  • Weight: 3lbs 4oz (4lbs 4oz with 3200Mah 6s battery)

I am amazed that this flew with default 2.9 PIDs… One thing to note, which I am sure some tuning will help, is it starts to pitch and that pitch builds until stick correction is no longer enough (which is what happened in the vid).  I hope its not electro magnetic interference from the motors… I would figure the aluminum around everything would act as a shield to some degree.

For my full build log of the project, check out my blog:

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  • N-I-C-E!!!

  • Hi Stefan,

    We want the hunterkiller-drone to be a open hardware, we will continue publishing the drawing and the making method:D

  • Developer

    check your gyro and accel vibrations in your raw log. This sounds like the leans.

  • This HK is definitely the coolest thing I have seen in a LONG time... Not only because it's kinda SciFi scale build but because it's HUGE compared to what's normally flying around with multiple rotors and an APM in the belly...

    Or to say it in short...: I WANT ONE OF THOSE! :)

  • Nice work mate.

  • Shouldn't be the FC in the center of gavity?

  • 3692645892?profile=original

    look this Daniel :D    

  • Awesome, it looks like a Klingon spaceship

  • Daniel - 

    Very nice build!

    I have one myself (tricopter rcexplorer body type EDF as well), Love it. Problem is too noisy and batteries do not last long at all. Love your design, keep up the great work!

  • edf I love, I make several models similar to Terminator 3 I realized that placing the EDF at the same distance and placing the edf to 3 degrees inclination was more stable, use a board kk, a triangle vertices to the same distance, use as reference frame of .

    hope this helps you.

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