My new favorite multirotor video


I love this video clip, hands down the best I have seen to date from a multirotor. Can you guess I am a little bored of endless reveals and pans ;-) No bits of an airframe in shot, no GoPro distortion and filming exactly what they want it to. Brilliant! Watch in HD !

The images tell the story and yes we are told its from a hexacopter but that does not really matter a story is conveyed.

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    Wow,   Can you have the refueling tank( the large white tanker) so near/not so far during the launch? The aerial shot seems to show that!

  • That was an AWESOME PERSPECTIVE!!!!  Great job guys!!!!

  • John, "None at all" is the actual answer to how many take offs and landings with full tanks. It's only got a single Merlin engine which wouldn't get it off the ground fully loaded. The next Dragon to the ISS is due to be using a stretched first stage with higher thrust engines and the current plan is to over-fuel it a bit and see if they can get a controlled descent after stage separation. It'll be out at sea if they do, they need to check it works reliably a few times before trying to bring it back to dry land...

  • That is so cool! I can't say I have seen a rocket land on it's bum like that before. 

  • You can see the Hexacopter up in the air.


  • LOL   ArduRocket 2.5 V 3.0


  • Frickin' awesome!

    The rocket tech is pretty good too...:-)
  • They should invest in a brushless gimbal.

  • It gizmo has Ardurocket 2.5 V 3.0

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