My new Hobby King frame...

3689410492?profile=originalThis is my Arducopter, now customized with a Hobby King´s frame that i have painted in Orange and black...


The HK´s frame parts fits nicely, and the arducopter parts got in to the frame really easy, plenty of room for the ESCs in the arms, the motors fit in their places and the power distro board gets in to its place in a cool way :-)


3689410564?profile=originalThe APM is mounted in some plastic spacer that came with the frame, in the pic you can see also my receiver installed with double sided tape, i still have to decide the GPS location......


The only thing i want to do better is the landing gear, seems to be a little weak....


Hope you like it.....



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  • It does serve as a good starting point and / or backup replacement frame.   The frames weakness  really is an advantage.  If you do crash hard hopefully the frame breaks and maybe a prop or 2.  An all aluminum frame is stought, it has no give, leaving the motors props and electronics to take more or impact directly. 

    My set is light weight, not to strong, but will take a hit or 2 and it protects my electronics.

    Down side is it takes 8 hrs to build frame and a day to cover it in brown paper.



  • Brent, i did what you said... thanks
  • Developer

    I await frame delivery.... soon I hope.

    Still need to choose motors, maybe new HK SK3 Series,

    will use Plush 30 amp ESCs,

  • Yes, PID values would be great
  • Be sue to put the bolts in the top of the arms where they connect to the roll cage. If you don't do this the little brace part on the bottom of the arm carries all the weight of the arm/motor and will snap on the first hard landing, ask me how I know!

    It's an OK frame for the price, kinda flimsy and they used real poor quality ply, use lots of CA.

  • I also order two of them, crashed the first one and now the second is ready.  I've loaded the latest firmware, but I am having stability issues. If any had success flying/tuning, can you please post your PID settings.
  • I got 4 frames from hobby king, they shipped them very fast, from china to my country (Venezuela) total time two weeks.......(delivered this way, china, miami, caracas, my home)....  :-) very very happy.....
  • Guess I just got unlucky, I really like how they look.
  • I just finished one too. 

    TR2217/16/5690 Turnigy 2217 16turn 1050kv 23A

    I got two of them.  Both are not warped.


    I have the full compliment.  APM, Sonar, Magnometer, XBees.

    All tuned up ready to fly.,

    I plan to fly this Saturday.

  • I got that kit and was not happy with it. Some of the parts were warped, and it breaks easily.
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