My Nexus 7 transmitter mount.

3689565348?profile=originalHere's my 5 minute mount using two pieces of scrap plexiglass, standoff screws, zip ties, and two of my daughter's hair bands.  It did want to hang a little backward with the weight of the Nexus on there but I used a couple of velcro straps around the antenna mount to pull the lanyard upward until it hangs from my neck perfectly with no hands.




Here's how it's attached to the bar on the back of the transmitter:


The correction to the strap to make it hang level:


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  • HK has this in stock at $13.26

  • Here is my mount I put together with about $20 worth of parts from amazon.com3701721620?profile=original

  • Developer


    For usb capture we still have the same problems, lack of usb drivers. A more elegant solution would be to do the analog to WiFi encoding in another place, and just display that on DroidPlanner.

    Her is the issue if you want to keep a watch:

    The main reason why we don't have it yet is because I don't have the FPV gear (so not much motivation to do it).

  • Arthur,

    When do you believe we can see the video capture (FPV) on Nexus7?

    Last time I put this question on last summer, was related to missing video capture card for android.

    Any news since that time?

  • Developer

    Cool, great to see DP there :)

  • @Jeff: Nice out-of-the-box thinking there. I tried to come up with a good way to attach to the back handle with no luck. Plexiglas and hairbands - love it!

    @Glenn: nice integration of video!

  • I think that one I linked is for the 2012 nexus 7. Just look on ebay there are loads to choose from.

  • @Glenn,

    Is the case for Nexus 7 (2) 2013?

  • I'm using this style case from ebay.

    I just drill 3 pairs of holes in the bottom of it, and use thin zip ties and a layer of 3m foam tape to secure it to the bracket.

  • Where you keep battery for monitor?

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