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  • Cool Felix Baumgartner will be flying tat 50,000 feet hanging beneath one of these soon I think

  • Should it not be a dekaoktocopter ? (18)

  • Not envy emille.  My focus is on fixed-wing flight, so multirotors are merely a curiosity for me 

    vis.asta has form in this manner of blog posting  if you care to check out his previous entries.  In my opinion, while it is interesting to see what can be done, the continual use of this forum for self-promotion without being prepared to answer the subsequent and inevitable questions is poor manners.

    Perhaps it is a cultural thing,...?

  • @Andrew I smell a bit of envy....  :)

    Sharing the result of work is one thing sharing details is not always possible or mandatory. Did you ever see any technical (i mean like very detailed) information or shared code about the work of universities like the GRASP laboratory? 
    Anyway @vis.asta nice job!

  • Once again the Russian comes to a forum dedicated to sharing ideas just to show the world how good he is, offering nary a crumb of technical info nor a scrap of advice on the subject. Not a good look!

    I'd suggest that's an abuse of this forum, or pretty close to it...
  • What is "GAS test"?

  • I expected a MIG coming out of the sky and attack your copter.


    So long


  • of course :).
    but my experiments were made prior to the publication on their website ;-)
  • Impressive....  What did you use for flight controller for 18 motors?

    Have you seen this 16 motor copter that can lift the pilot?



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