My 'Return for reward' stickers

In case my plane get lost in the wild :-D I've made some stickers with contact info, so if found - it can be returned.

As far as I know not all of us have color laserjet printer. And inkjet prints usually get blurred when soaked in water. In my case, my inkjet have black ink as pigment type of ink, which is waterproof. But if you like - feel free to change it.


Here is jpg demo and psd template.



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    Thats a great Idea :) thanks for sharing


  • Very useful, thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent idea not just for drones but I think all RC planes should have it too as I am sure we all experienced the same situation where we lost a out of control plane the plane may have been destroyed but the electronics could have been salvaged.
  • Good idea about QR codes, but first of all person who found your plane suppose to understand what is that code =) and what to do with it. So it can be a good addition to plain text.

  • I was thinking about that recently, I don't know if I am the first but I had the idea of including a QR code. You can enter data or even a link with more details, contact form etc.

    It is very easy to make, for example you can make them here:


    Many people have smartphones and even the action of returning a lost drone can be a game (hopefully!). It also add a certain robotic appeal :D

  • 3D Robotics

    Ralph, yes if you have telemetry enabled that's automatic. But some people don't have telemetry. It's also possible for an aircraft to fly out of telemetry range or for there to be a power failure onboard that kills telemetry.

  • I agree--an excellent idea. It made me wonder, however: if we have GPS and telemetry onboard already, are people able to track their aircraft like an emergency beacon? If not, wouldn't that be a simple upgrade?

  • 3D Robotics

    Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing...

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