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  • my honest opinion, cool animation, but you need to look at the dynamics of your platform a little colser, as per above comment, there is no way your going to balance all that weight on two thrusters, i am a fan of edfs tho.

  • Nice animation.  I agree with Alex about the EDFs, and would also add that they are quite loud, and I know sound mitigation is one of the things they were looking for.  EDFs also tend to have a high pitch, which can cause turbulence problems during takeoff.  I also wonder how stable that will be during vertical flight, being that you are balancing on top of two thrust points.  Look forward to seeing your progression.  I am working on getting my submission video completed as well.


    Good Luck!

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    cool idea, but i would just say that EDFs are not the way to go if you want endurance, at least in my experience, but I have never tested them to compare.

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