EDIT: Complete Video has been Posted Here: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/autonomous-52km-32mi-cross-country-flight


Tomorrow morning (7:00CST/13:00GMT) I'm going to attempt a marathon flight from north Arkansas into Missouri (see flight path below) with my Raptor140, and will be streaming it live on ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mygeekshow


To get ahead of the safety questions, I will be maintaining <120m AGL, and will maintain LOS during the flight. The flight is also far from populated areas and airports. I'm attempting this flight with the exact airplane/equipment configuration that has flown over 400km of flawless flights, including four 42km+ flights. Finally, I've identified eight rally points and pre-target landing locations in case I need to end the flight early.


Wish us luck!



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  • Pretty amazing what one can do without big broadcast budgets

    Trust you have gr8 - mobile data signal

  • Moderator

    Trent, this is briliant and really like the safety focus you put on this.  I wish you all the best for the experiment and a superb blog post. Informative, interesting and not just another FPV video. (;

  • I'm excited for ya Trent I'll be watching!  

  • wow, a better way to start 2014. Wish u good luck and have great fun Trent

  • Moderator

    Good luck Trent!

  • Chuck: Sounds good! I'll do that!

    Nathaniel: Thats right! Just another step closer to the USA trip. Early so as to avoid traffic/people... this is the first long range cross country flight I've done, and its also "near" a highway (I'll keep a good distance from the highway itself) so I'd like it to be as low key as possible while I figure this all out. I'm hoping that new years morning at 7am will be pretty empty : )

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    Hey Trent,

    Good luck! One small step for UAVs one giant leap for APM kind?

    One question, why so early in the morning? Especially on New Years day?


    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

  • Trent, what interests me about this flight is really the setup of the car/vehicle you will be in flying FPV from. What type of antenna(s) are you going to use? Do you notice any issues on your flight such as if you go above X mph the FPV starts to fade out, etc. Great teaching moment. Almost like a behind the scenes of your flight as from your response E138 will be about the flight itself which seems perfectly reasonable. 

  • Rana: Thank you!

    Chuck: I did a little on E137, and I'll do a little for E138... I don't want to go too deep during an episode as its not what the episodes are designed for (they are more "showish" rather than teaching/sharing. I plan on doing a full set up walkthrough as a separate video though, maybe next week? Anything you'd like me to focus on? Thank you for your support!

  • Really great seeing someone doing this responsibly, good luck and I will be watching!  Could you make sure you give us an overview on ep 138 about your setup on the vehicle? Unless you have done that previously and I missed it :x

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