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  • Hey, they have stolen my camping table!
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    but why did they make the paint scheme so ugly ;)
  • If the wing chord reduces by a factor of 10 (ie a 1:10 scale model) the model would need to fly at 10 times the speed of the full size aircraft, which would make that a supersonic model!!
  • You woont be able to keep the Reynolds number for a model wing that size the same as a full size - unless in lab conditions. The airfoil section will not be a scale as it would stall at very low AoA
  • That Mobile Operations Station looks some serious piece of kit. I don't think my wife will let me convert the campervan.
  • FAA influence is trying to keep giant flying beer cans full of people alive. Don't discount human pilots. Although they do lock up some times, their systems are very robust.
  • Spending all that money on augmenting a pilot's control instead of making everything autonomous sounds like FAA influence.
  • Yes they can. Aeronautical engineering guys know how to scale the Reynolds numbers, mass and speed and all that good stuff. I thing they just keep the Reynolds number the same for full scale and model. The speeds would be reduced according to the formula here
  • Can you actually scale a plane like that down to that size and get reliable data back?
  • What they are doing is collecting flight data on unusual maneuvers/attitudes that no one, well the engineers and corporate bigwigs would never allow with allow with the real jet. Long gone are the days when a Boeing test pilot
    rolls the prototype 707 to show off for potential buyers.

    look here
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