The video above attempts to provide a "Behind the Scenes" view of how we are capturing the NDVI composite images while working with a local farmer and a section of his wheat crop.

The on board video, captured images, along with ground video and mission planner execution was synchronized to provide more of a "real time" understanding of a mission flight.

For best viewing, please launch in full screen HD.


The gigabyte composites are being published to a web based panorama for analysis.

Click on the image above to launch the panorama and view the composites.

At launch, a 360 ground based panorama of the wheat field section is displayed.

Click on the "normal" and "NDVI" composites in the top left blue area.

Click on the bottom bar for other functions (i.e. maps, auto scroll, help)

Use your mouse to pan around and wheel to zoom in and out.

Complete details and results of our efforts can be seen on our "surveys" website page at

Surveys Link.

I want to thank "DIY DRONES" and its members who contribute so much in helping all of us to debug, develop, refine and launch this new technology and suite of products.  As a small payback for all that we have received, I hope this post can be of some use to those interested in supporting their farmers with aerial surveys.


Mike Governale,


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  • Really great work there.  I am just trying to figure out (if) I actually need a pilots license.  I have seen some in the FAA's UAV site (Section 333) approved, that didn't have a pilots license.  I spoke to the UAV folks in Washington, and they told me that all I would need is 7 hours in hot air balloon training, which he claimed was the easiest way to obtain the requirements.  Does anyone have a clue on this?  If so, what is the cheapest way to obtain the sport pilot license?  My intent is to provide services to farmers, cell tower companies, and real estate.  I am also trying to find courses on sensors and mapping.  Any help from you guys would be appreciated.  Thanks

  • MR60

    Great informational video!

    Is AirbotServices brother with AerobotServices ? ;)

  • You can change the parameters to force the UAV to avoid rotating during waypoints. It makes for better pictures at turning points. Great video.

  • Hi Mike- great post! Just curious- are you using any of your data for disease detection? and if so, how effective has it been? (unless this is your first season)

    I am flying starting next month- and assessing different levels of fungicide treatment with multispectral imagery. 


  • Great presentation Mike. I am also interested in knowing if you used a modified camera sensor or if you were able to achieve success from manipulating the normal RGB imagery. Thanks!

  • Would You  be able to detail, that is to analyze the culture of images. Best explaining the differences of colors, are correlated with nuticional disability or other problem.

  • Nice work. I am increasingly encouraged to work with NDVI images.
    What kind sensor you used.

  • Hi Mike, interesting information, thank you.
    We are going to reproducing the same with our local latvian farmers.
    Could you tell what camera and lens do you use to make NIR footage? What software do you use for stitching and NDVI calculation? Why you choose altitude 170 feets?

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