3689598322?profile=original3689598300?profile=originalWe have finished new board NEO-M8N + Compass

NEO-M8N breakout board features:

  • 72-channel u-blox M8 engine GPS/QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L10F, BeiDou B1 SBAS L1 C/A: WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS Galileo-ready E1B/C (NEO-M8N)
  • SuperSense Indoor GPS, -167dBm
  • On-board Ultra low noise 3.3V voltage regulator and RF filter for noise blocking
  • USB, I2C (SDA,SCL) and Uart (Tx,Rx)
  • Dual band GPS and Glonass antenna
  • u-center GPS Evaluation Software
  • Extensive visualization and evaluation features
  • Supports AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline A-GPS services
  • 1 TTL UART port, 1 I2C port,1 USB port
  • Time pulse LED
  • Flash memory for firmware upgrade and settings inside in the module (can save setings without battery)
  • Battery for HOT module start
  • Build-in HMC5883L Compass
  • Dimensions: 50x50 mm hole distance 45x45mm
  • Weight 24 gram
  • Fully assembled and ready to use

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  • 100KM

    I currently have 3 VirtualRobotix M8N units, but it's a PAIN to mount on a plane.

    Is there a case available for this "UBLOX NEO-M8T Time & RAW GPS GNSS Beidou Triple Band EMI protection"?

  • I'd have to assume it uses both, since HDOP and sat count are much better than with NEO-6 or LEA-6, under the same conditions. But I'm no expert on just what signals and information the GPS sends to APM, nor how the APM uses that data. It's known that the APM is at its limit of processing power, so maybe that comes into play in limiting GPS data received and used.

  • APM use Glonnas sat or GPS sat only?

  • Thanks CSGShop!
    So, connecting both shows an interesting result. Not sure why this should be: After connecting my NEO-M8N GPS GNSS both to U-Center and an APM, Mission Planner shows an HDOP of 1.6 to 2.0 while at the same time U-Center is showing a constant 1.2 And a couple more satellites than MP detects as well. Perhaps the NEO-M8N settings are not optimized for best communication with APM? I'm using the settings recommended above:
    PRT (ports) UART 1
    Protocol out UBX
    Baudrate 38400
    RATE (Rates) Measurement Period 200 ms
    Measurement Frequency 5 Hz
    NAV5 (Navigation 5) Dynamic Model Airborn 4G
    Fix Mode 3 - Auto 2D/3D
    Min SV Elevation 10 Grad
    DGPS Timeout 120 sec
    Subsystem Enabled
    and as recommended I set UART1 On with a check in the box between "UART1" and "On" and put a 1 in the box to the right of "On"

    This last setting improved things greatly.
    And I have to say, this GPS is a great piece of kit!

  • Hello!

    Yes you can use both connection.

  • A question, hope it's not a stupid one!
    Not sure why I would want to do this, but I'm tempted -
    Can I connect the USB to U-Center WHILE the board is connected to an APM or PixHawk?

  • I'm cross-posting this hoping to make sure the CSGShop reads my request.
    I have two requests for CSGShop given that this is pretty much the only place you can buy uBlox breakout boards anywhere.  First, would you please post pinout diagrams and connector types for each product on your website?  Second, please make a breakout product for the new NEO-M8L dead-reckoning module including a connection for the wheel tick sensor input.  This could be very useful for the Ardurover users.  Oh, and one more thing, please post the type of button batteries that your breakout boards use. Thanks.

  • From the CSG Shop:

    "We can use 3.3V but you need ask about LDO change. We can make for you 3.3V version."

  • Many of the GPS eval boards indicate that they require 5v input to power them. I am trying to integrate one of them into a product that only has 3.3v available...

    1) is it possible to only provide 3.3v to the CSG eval boards and still have them work?

    2) if #1 is not possible, is it possible to somehow by-pass the regulator on the eval board by removing a component and laying solder bridges down, and/or with jumper wires? Thanks for any insights.

  • New Micro version with HMC5983 avail now! Weight 8.5 gram size 25x25mm Board have triple Band Antenna, Band Pass filter and LNA. Have best performance for this weight and size.


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