New 3D FPV Camera - in the DEVELOPMENT process


Hello everyone! In 2014 we released the 3D FPV camera The BlackBird and then I published my first post here... BlackBird isa good camera, but it had several disadvantages, such as BlackBird gave video in interlaced 3D format, and because of thisvery little video glasses can work with it.



In the middle of 2014 we began work on a new model 3D FPV camera. We have set ourselves the task to make the camerabetter, we wanted to fix all the shortcomings of previous models and to make it as easy to use...

We also thought about the size of the camera, they had to be minimal, but comfortable to use. In this task helped us GoProand plain paper. We decided to make the camera in width, same as GoPro


Here are a few ideas we have laid down in the development of the new camera:

Video – we want to make the camera versatile and for this, we have provided support for various video formats:

  • Support 3D video format SIDE BY SIDE for video glasses Fat Shark Dominator HD, Carl Zeiss Cinimizer, Sony HMZ, 3D TVs and 3d monitors. For this format You use 1 standard video transmitter
  • Support 3D video format SIDE BY SIDE CROP for the helmet Oculus Rift type. For this format You use 1 standard video transmitter
  • Format support interlaced 3D video glasses headPlay, Prober EVG 920. For this format You use 1 standard video transmitter
  • Two synchronized video output for video points SkyZone 3D. For this format You are using 2 standard video transmitter

Here's a video layout for the camera, the video shows several camera modes:

And so looked the layout of the camera :), it is with him we recorded video

3689648373?profile=originalModularity – we have provided a special connector on the front of the camera, to connect various modules, such as module video transmitter or infrared illumination


OSD – our idea is, we want that the application was as simple OSD, i.e., the OSD must be already inside the camera itself...Why use any third-party device?

Voltage – we have provided the ability to connect the camera to various power supplies from 5V to 16V, i.e. You can connectthe camera to the Li Po 2S-4S


Now the camera is at the stage of completion and we will soon announce the pre-order on it.

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  • Hi Tony! Our cameras are very a lot of advantages (read the article, they are described in more detail) - many 3D video formats, weight, voltage, using a single video transmitter, modular system.... And by the way, actually at Skyzone no 3D no 3D glasses cameras - there are two conventional cameras, two video transmitter, video receiver and two small monitor... If you don't believe me, then tell me in what format goes 3D video camera with SkyZone and what is the format of 3D video glasses support Skyzone?

  • Hi Egor, I already own one of these:    SkyZone 3D FPV

    I was looking for alternative camera options.  Can you explain the advantages to your product over the Skyzone camera?

    I am considering how to build my own 3d camera and transmitter system to use with these goggles.  Are you considering a 2.4 or 5.8 transmitter as well?

  • @Gary McCray

    Yes, we decided to make a fixed stereo base, as shown by previous experience with BlackBird most people use a camera with a separation modules 5-6 see also due to the fact that we use a digital video sensor in a new camera, there is the difficulty of creating separation. This is a digital-first model, we decided to make a fixed-base, I think in the future we will do a split camera - it will be BlackBird 2

    @Amilcar Lucas

    Yes, we use SPARTAN 6, You will soon be able to order the camera in our store RCENERGY.RU follow our news

    @Teemu Launis

    Yes, it is possible to make the module to record video to SD card, I will soon publish the socket contacts and anyone can make a module, it will be like on the Arduino.

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  • Modular integration of functions is good idea. Module for saving data flow to sd-card would also be usable.
  • +1 Gerard - the stars might be a little harder.


    Depth Perception
  • Admin

    Hmm, 3D will cool way to see & do fpv. Me is drooling

  • @ Erik,

    Not sure if you noticed, but the original model splits in two and can be joined by a flat ribbon cable.

    You could have 6", 12" or even 24" of inter camera stereo separation.

    I thought that was a great feature.



  • Is that a spartan ????

     Cooool !

    Where can I order? Me wants !!!!


    Amilcar Lucas

    (System Verilog programmer, works with FPGAs every single day)

  • A fixed camera distance that is smaller than the typical eye distance is IMHO not the best idea.

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