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New 3DR boxes are in!


One of our priorities as 3D Robotics grows is to improve the customer experience in everything from product design and documentation to packaging. You'll see a bunch of new efforts in this direction over the next few months, ranging from a branding/design overhaul of the storefront to a new platform for our documentation that should be easier to use and better looking than the current wiki. We're also going to start shipping APM in a professionally designed enclosure, which we'll preview next week. 

Here's just one small example: our new boxes!  I think this is the first public use of our new logo, too. We particularly like the Easter egg of the rudder replacing the dot of the i ;-)

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  • Those are SO COOL. Congratulations on a fantastic design. I have been waiting on my order until the new boxes were in, and now I can place it!

  • I've been making these for the awesome folk at Droidworx. Laser cut wooden models, scaled down from production aircraft they're about to release. The Wooden ones are for sale on their website, whilst the clear plastic ones are giveaways for the NAB Show, in Las Vegas. If you're interested guys, I'm happy to develop something along the same lines for you, cheaps as chips! They both come flat packed in a frame, and you simply snap the parts out and push-fit them. Usually without the need for glue, or trimming. Just a thought!


  • 3D Robotics

    Muthanna: on our to do list.

  • I wish to see 3DRobotocs logos printed on 3DR frame or shipped as stickers that can be fixed on 3DR frame arms. For the time being I’ will use my own art in painting the frame J

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    R.D. Starwalt: believe it or not this is something we joke about at 3DR everytime we see an unfolded box, they really look like airplanes with ailerons, no elevator. Take one of your boxes apart and you'll see. It's just matter of time before someone slaps some servos and a motor and flies their 3DR box. :)
  • ...milions of them......

  • Congratulations, and wish 3DR to need thousands of boxes :)

  • T3

    Yeah, I understand it'll be after the announcement. My order is 22036 so I have a way to go but was just curious.

  • Wiki Ninja

    Nice touch, 3DR!

  • According to what Chris wrote above:

    We're also going to start shipping APM in a professionally designed enclosure, which we'll preview next week. 

    So, I would not expect them to be shipping with the new enclosure until next week's announcement.

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