A new strong video link on 5.8 Ghz frq.



This is a FPV RC Mini 5.8GHz 1200mW wireless AV transmitter and receiver combo set, 9 CH, high power transmitter,long distance transmission. Good device for FPV use.

New function Switching the video channel ON FLIGHT. Useful if you suddenly find a interference from another transmitter on the same channel.

TX with integrated Heat Sink & Fan Cooling.

Fully compatible with 2.4GHz R/C radios!

You can get 3 km range without any problem and more than 14 Km. range with optional Patch 18dbi 5.8Ghz

For even further range try out our 24 dBi 5.8 gHz Parabolic Grid antenna

3689475793?profile=originalIt is designed and tested to offer the lowest possible RF and EM output so as not to interfere with any of your sensitive RC components. The transmitter operates from a 6V-16V input voltage and generates very little heat despite the broad input voltage range.When powered a red LED indicates the transmitter is working. An aluminum base plate is used to keep the transmitter running cool and with a total weight of just about 20g this is a perfect companion to the Fatshark Aviator and Dominator 5.8Ghz.

Transmitter 1200mW 5,8Ghz
• Dimension: 70*38*18.5mm
• Weight: 65 gr.
• Channel Swiching ON FLIGHT: YES
• Working Voltage: DC12V
• Working Current: 700mA
• Refrigeration: Heat Sing & Fan Cooling.
• Working Frequency: 5.8G
• Digital Display
• Working Channels: 9CH 1): 5720Mhz 2): 5740Mhz 3): 5760Mhz 4): 5780Mhz 5): 5800Mhz 6): 5820Mhz 7): 5840Mhz 8): 5860Mhz 9): 5880Mhz
• Working Power: 1200mW
• Transmitting Range: 2500m - 4000m (In Open Fields)

• Dimension: 72*43*11mm
• Working Voltage: DC12V
• Working Current: 200mA
• Working Frequency:5.8G
• Digital Display
• Working Channels: 9CH 1): 5720Mhz 2): 5740Mhz 3): 5760Mhz 4): 5780Mhz 5): 5800Mhz 6): 5820Mhz 7): 5840Mhz 8): 5860Mhz 9): 5880Mhz


•1x Transmitter 5.8Ghz 1200mW
•1x Receiver
•2x Antenna Onmi 3dBi
•2x Cable
•2x Connector
•2x AV cable
•1x Manual

***Compatible with goggles: Fatshark Aviator 5.8Ghz, Dominator in 5.8Ghz and Predator.***
***Compatible with receiver: Airwave, Uno and DUO from ImmersionRC***

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  • FYI:

    My transmitter, wasn't ordered from this store.

  • I have one, working perfect with Dominator goggles.

    With SPW antennas, I've flew 7km, with no video lost.

  • I have just payed for one , will test soon and write the outcome of the test with distances and weather conditions

  • Can anyone who has purchased this provide a review or suggest other 5.8 Ghz systems for 1+ mile range?  Did anyone ever figure out the lines of resolution for this system?

    Thank you.

  • How about digital transmission for that system?

  • Thanks for quick answer. Would you mind posting more about this Finland guy and filters?

  • @John Mitchell Smith

    and? any news?

  • Thank you very much, I hope they live up to the hype!

  • Has anyone bought one? Or anything from that store for that matter? 

  • I think a transmitter that power is exaggerated. The right is a 500mw transmitter with circular polarization antennas 

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