Hi guys,

I and Phil Kocmoud are proud to announce the new ACSP3 - current/voltage sensor with analog and I2C interface.

Here are some device features:

  • Vin max = 42VDC ( 10S )
  • Ishunt current = 90A
  • Vout = 5.4V
  • Ioutmax = 2.25A with 3A burst
  • Ultra low noise/ripple <10-12mV
  • Analog + I2C interface
  • Dimensions - 30x30mm

The new current/voltage sensor uses INA169 for analog current readings and dual I2C ADC for digital readings. The ultra low noise DC-DC Buck ( LT8609 ) makes the device one of the most silent. The board comes with 2x4 0.1" presoldered header.

A simple Arduino code attached showing an example of I2C voltage data readings.

Now we're performing the usual current/voltage stress tests and hope the device will be ready for the market very soon.

Some more pictures attached.

Best regards

Nick Arsov


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  • Hallo,

    Please advise how to get involved in Pixhawk - diagram 6 pin Pixhawk.


  • Nick and Phillip take customer service to a different level as you will agree if you follow their RC Groups thread. Certainly cannot be compared to Banggood!! (And I do buy stuff from Banggood). I am very happy to shell out $30 for this new power module. You can buy with confidence from these guys

    I agree, Phil and Nicks assys are better than the stuff, these cardboard pushers are selling. I used to buy this stuff too, but after a lot of connector gambling (wrong description), falling of ferrites and rather noisy PMs coming with 7V @ the 5.3V pin or even full 4s, I´m tired of these good luck buys. My X2 is running great since last year, and this ACSP3 looks well made as well.

    I don´t mind spending some more bucks on safety and tested european workmanship.


    Well done,guys :-)

  • @Philip, never meant as an offence, but as a clever thinking. But immediately I knew that you already had a person to give/sell (as this is a common practice is stores like Fry's Electronics and Best buy, as long as the item is in working condition) it too, or for personal use, as this kind of customer service is pure loss and you won't be able sustain it for long. I know, because I sell travel for life for the last 9 years. Customer Service is a priority, but its gotta bring money in the first place, people can't realistically expect you to get full refunds for boards purchased 2-3 month ago on constant basis, or you are the nicest person in the world :) . 

  • I only have 1 X2 board left in stock because we almost always pre-sell our batches. When there are low numbers like that it is because I always keep a few in reserve.

  • @Artem For the record. I donated that board to a friend and fellow developer Mark. For me it has never been about the money. I have donated much more in hardware to the cause then I have made in profits from these boards. Furthermore, I would not be very reputable if I was selling used or new reclaimed stock.

  • @ Marc, I do the same thing with most of the chinese PMs which my friends bring to me :)  using a turnigy amp meter from HK, so far attopilot90 and this turnigy power meter agreed within +/- 0.4amp.... at the default 36.60mV / Amp parameters.  Voltage was very very close, and since the $9 chinese PM I was never able to calibrate better, I didn't even bother to fix the +/-0.4a attopilot difference, like it would matter much anyways. Gotta admit that most of my copters hover in the 9-14amp range even the 6s ones and since the hover zones is different attopilot could theoretically need different amp/volt setting. The upcoming hexa will be the first one to hover in ~30a  range with possible spikes to 130a and this is why I am interested in this new PM. 

  • Way not use the ACS758 sensors ?

  • Thanks Artem -- I use Atto 90A units. They are good. Still have to calibrate them with props whizzing at hover speed while tied down and watching the power meter and plugging numbers into MP.

  • @Marc

    1. Each business operates on profits, if there is no profit nothing is done. With a new and unknown product there comes need for an aggressive advertisement company: There is no batter advertisement than publicly doing such a thing. Why not just shoot a private message?

    1.1 I was NOT talking about the PM this posting promotes, please read my very first post. 

    2. I am in a business of selling things :)  though not this hobby related. Merely suggesting: "hey, there is on open market"......  

    3.1 I personally find this offering attractive.

    3.1 If you are looking for a great, linear current meter with 10s suport, with valid calibration data, look no further than the ATTO90/ATTO180 line from a reputable seller for $19.95 and add  sub $5, great quality 10s step-down converter to 5v or for a $7 a bit more fancy one. Admit, I have experience with only two attopilot90a sensors, but none needed calibration out of the box both were purchased at sparkfun. 

  • @Artem -- he could have purchased it for less, and there are instances of him taking boards back if anyone is unhappy. Do the math -- he paid for it what he sold it for. That was all about making 2 customers happy for no $$. And Phillip ordered new equipment to test some reported regulator noise someone observed. My point is that they go above an beyond to engage customers directly -- far beyond even some other small shops. But you know that anyway. All good.

    Are you in the business of making and selling these things? I do an lot of analysis of how companies make or do nor make profits. The Hobby Market (I have no pro knowledge of it other than spending far to much money in it as a consumer) seems brutally price-driven at unsustainable Chinese prices. Small shops need to find their niche and make money. Consumers always like to pay 0$ for service if they think they will not need it. And this hobby is very good at providing it own service for cheap Chinese bits with no documentation!

    This power module seems like a big deal to me. I find the non linear behavior and tiresome calibration of conventional PMs a pain -- you have to calibrate with props spinning and current meter. A relatively accurate digital PM for $29 (even if the drivers are not ready!) seems a really positive development. We shall see - I just snagged one.


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