New airframe for the New Year...

Hello people, this is my new airframe to play with my ardupilot equipment!!!!!


It is a modified gentle lady from Carl Goldberg................

1.6 mts wingspan (shortened)

1.35 Kg.

3 channels.


  • Ardupilot.
  • Arduimu.
  • Ublox Gps
  • Board Camera, Sony capture chip, 3.6mm lens.
  • 4.000 mA Lipo for the Motor (25 min autonomy)
  • Tower pro Motor 8x6 prop
  • 1800 mA Lipo for the ardupilot, receiver and servos....
  • Hextronic UBEC. 1.5 Amp.
  • 25 Amp Tower pro ESC.
  • JR servos.
  • Assan 6 channel 2.4 Ghz receiver.

Installation detailed in this picture:




This Airframe works awesome, it has lots of room for equipment and also flies really good.........


This weekend, on 2011 i will be testing the Ardupilot in the field....... will try to make a good video to show it here.....


Hope you like it....


Happy holidays!!!!!!


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  • I did it myself, it is easy to do, buy a gentle lady kit and make the mods by yourself....




  • Did you build this airframe yourself or is it available anywhere for purchase?
  • Hello people, i am so happy today, it was not possible to make a video but the testing was really good, the AP flew awesome in STABILIZE mode and in FLY BY WIRE..... then reprogramed fot LOITER and AUTO modes, the LOITER was perfect, and the AUTO mode was tested with 4 Waypoints on the field...... really good....


    Also noticed something..... the Ardupilot is a better pilot than me!!!!! 

  • Gonna fly tomorrow to start testing the AP.....   video report coming soon.... :-)
  • this brings back some memories.  this was the first glider i flew some 25+yrs ago :)  there was a little motor pod that you could build that put a little cox .049 on top of the, how times have changed :).  nice mods and looking forward to the video
  • I like this airframe, beautiful ...!!
  • I like the changes to the fuse! Nice big open compartment! Very nice!
  • it does flies awesome, hand lauched and lands on the grass....

    I only had to reduce the rudder movement, and adjust the motor trust angle.....


  • I was wondering about the wing loading going from a glider to a powered craft with payload, but I'm no aeronautical engineer.  I'm sure it will fly nice.  Looking forward to the video.


  • Yes sir, it was like the picture!!!!!!


    A friend of mine began to join the pieces of a gentle lady kit (like 10 years ago) and never finished it, so, a few years ago he gave it to me and i had it stored untill now..........


    the image Paul posted is the new kit..... the older one, The one i have looked like this in the catalog:





    As you can see, the wings where modified in my drone, shortened (from 2 meters to 1.6) , no hidedral in the middle, reinforced a litle but i kept them very light....


    The fuselage is the same tail, with a little bigger elevator surface, and extended the space in the front, as you can see i have now plenty of space for everything !!!!!!! 


    The motor was a surprise, got it from a friend and it seemed a little cheap looking device..... but wait, when i tested it holding it in my hand (wont do it again)  !!!!!! o boy what a screamer !!!!!! lots of POWER !!!!!! i never saw a 8x6 prop pushing so hard....... so i am using it with 50% throttle max!!!


    Soon you will see it in video i will fly it 1 and 2 of January... what a way to start the year!!!!!!

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