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  • MR60

    Amazing. When I am just starting to take off and land properly and afraid to go above a few meters high...

    He's on the other end of the scale, for sure.

    I'd like him as a trainer...

  • That is so cool. This guy, he's like that rabbit at the dog track. We just keep running as fast as we can but we don't seem to get closer.

  • T3

    That's just amazing.  I'd buy one, but I'd just end up crashing and burning.  Way cool. 

  • You could save a Quad with one motor/prob breaking down, it would spin like hell, but still stable and safe for landing

  • Distributor

    WOW Again... nothing else to say...  ;)  

    Ok, maybe something to say... we could get the APM to be able to change prop rotation like that to try to save the copters when it is crashing down and not able to fly anymore... hehe 

    but really having that entire added dimension to the throttle stick (below mid point is reverse) is beyond my brain capabilities! 


  • Lol, you guys need to brush up on your goggle skills.  The video title says UltraESC.  Google it and you find this RCG thread...

    I've also started a thread at fpvlab to discuss this...

  • skills I agree, and the multiwii FW changes are like 3 lines.

  • angelo, what firmware? multiwii or baseflight? or simonk esc firmware?

  • where can you get the firmware. its currently only available on Multiwi??

  • He uses a reversing esc firmware, like rc cars do, and like simonk esc can do. Props are just normal props ironed to get them as flat as possible. 

    I'm testing today my quad, esc flashed with correct firmware and FC firmware modded to be adapted. 

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