New Camera

Just got a new camera (on right). you can compare that to the LTS wireless camera on the left.

more info on this at a later date, I don't have all the specs. maybe someone can identify it. draws 20mA at 3v, color video

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  • Admin
  • expensive!
    around 120 / pc in low volume (~75)
  • Wonderful, I am going to Taipei in the next couple of days. I shall pay them a visit :-)
  • oh and by the way, thanks for the info about the camera!
  • just to follow up, i know some of you are interested in the vid quality...i hooked it up to record a test video but noticed that the wiring at the camera was loose, risking another crossed wire situation. since i learn from mistakes, I will be fixing this tomorrow, not tonight ;-)

    either way the quality was very comparable to the youtube video posted above.
  • Admin
    hmmm , yes it looks like it. thanks for the link David, found few more here .....Now where can I find one or 2 to buy as sample?......
  • Looks a bit like the little camera I'm looking at in my laptop (someone else noticed that in the comments on the vid).
  • yep misumi camera , great company :
  • I should be able to help here, looks like a camera from Misumi in Taiwan. Specifically from the mo-b800 or mo-b900 series.
  • Yeah if you had some sample video, that would be great.
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