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  • @Ritchie: Don't forget Transatlantic's Whirlwind at the beginning! Gosh, I love this song!

    Checked the Hubsan website, they don't list any fpv planes, just what appear to be a few low end helicopters.


  • quality issues . . . and yeah, mass production of this crap may drive down prices of pr0 gear? or am I backwards there
  • OMG Doug you are impeccably right. Bring them on :D
  • Developer
    Much like the FDA has no problem with you importing a 1W chinese laser pointer ... oh, wait.
  • Developer

    Forget about critiquing it.  This is great!


    It will be hard for all the wag's to complain about the coming wave of UAV doom when the chinese are pumping them out and marketing them all over the world - Yes I know FPV is not UAV, but the media does not.  See this post.

  • T3
    yes I really want to look down at my TX while I try to fly...with sun by FPV plane... they should have a video out jack for goggles
  • Joe Satriani's Flying in a Blue Dream is the music so it could be a brick for all I care. Don't believe it for a minute though that video is clearly put on after given the resolutioin and fact the controls arent flying to machine :D nice idea though hope a production version is shown soon
  • Developer

    Camera nicely positioned so that on your first landing you smack the lens with a rock.


  • Wao ! Its really great !
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