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New CityFlyer GCS

There are an awful lot of GCSs out there (possibly more than anyone needs), but here's another one: CityFlyer.

I Heart Robotics explains: "The CityFlyer ground station takes different approach to developing a control system for UAVs. While other systems try to provide as much information as possible, this one seems to focus on readability. Also, since it is based on GTK+ and ROS it may be useful for other robots."

"Each of the instruments are well documented and implemented using the Cairo scalable vector graphics library, which means that each gauge could scale up to full screen without looking pixelated. Controls are also provided for a high contrast mode which might be useful for daylight readable displays. Since the individual instruments are implemented as GTK widgets they could also be used to build your own ground station.

Rumor has it that the lead developer is graduating soon and looking for work, so feel free to contact him here."

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  • Moderator
    Ryan, now that's the ticket.

    Sure, it displays a ton of info in one place, but it DISPLAYS A TON of info in one place!!! I can see how some would have an aversion, but this is where it's at.
  • Developer

    @Ron I agree. gauges are crap compared to something garmin in nature. So much space waisted for less SA.
  • Looks great although I would have the artificial horizon in the middle and the altimiter to the right of it.
  • My 2cents. The full guage displays are nice to look at, certainly. My preference would be for something like the displays you see on a actual full scale UAV GCS. Leaving more room for the FPV display. Depends on how you are flying your RC aircraft. If you don't have FPV then a full guage display is probably quite useful. Having FPV though I'd want to maximize the FPV view and minimize display of data overlays. Guess it comes down to personal preference. This one looks nice.
  • ooh. I like that
  • Somebody asked if we could add the lens flare to the OP instruments. The general consensus was why try to artificially recreate something that reduces readability? I'm wondering what the rationale was for adding them to these instruments.
  • Moderator
    I like how they also have a high contast mode which will help when trying look at it outside, but if you dont need it you can still get a realy nice looking colourful GCS.
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