3689680781?profile=originalHi Everyone,

After 5 months of design and test process, new DroneThermal v022016 thermal camera boards are ready to announce. 
This is probably the smallest analog (PAL/NTSC) thermal camera in the world. 

Dimensions : 20mm x 20mm x 15mm (included Lepton 25 degrees core)
Weight: 3 grams
Resolution: 80x60 pixel.

I'm building a new FPV microquad and a rover for videos. I hope weather will be better in following days for outdoor videos. 
3689680958?profile=originalYou can follow the process and updates from our Instagram account

For more info, please visit the Product Page

hank you for reading.

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  • Look awesome and the price is reasonable too!

  • Thanks for the comments :)

    There is no restriction for Lepton cores. They are less than 110.000 pixel and refresh rates less than 9Hz. That's mean, they are not in military restriction range.

    The resolution is same because of core. But, Sparkfun selling a board to access Lepton IO pins included power supply. It's a development board. This is a plug and play camera including own processor, firmware and video output.
  • How would this compare to the Sparkfun Lepton development kit ?
    Except for the obvious interface difference between SPI and Analog i/o
  • Developer

    That's really cool.  I want one!

  • Melih, will the V3 cores be available for Canadian import? Or will they be restricted? Thanks!
  • Very interesting. This could be beneficial for close quarters and sub-canopy level flights for search and rescue and life detection applications.
  • Very interesting! Keep us posted!
  • Nice and compact design! The v3 looks like the one to get.

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