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  • naaah. I'd like a 4g capable modem which can natively relay telemetry and stream a webcam. No need for true HD,

  • An interesting device. I don't really see the point of HD FPV video links when HD can easily be recorded on board. Using wifi for video and control may be a good idea, but it's a busy band and getting worse. How much bandwidth does a HD wifi camera need for uninterrupted real-time video?

    IMO reasonable standard definition video and better use of the band by more people is a better way to go than broad-band HD limiting it to fewer users at one time. The temptation will be to boost the power (within the rules or not) to get a better HD video over greater distances. The Parrot Bebop uses wifi and at the local park, the video often freezes on 5.8G, even at quite short distances.

  • will test as soon as I get my sweaty mitts on it......

    only available beginning of may in EU

  • how about latency.

  • and 

    • Maximum Power Consumption 3.2 W
  • maybe a few meters more with

    • 2x2 MIMO Dual-Band Wi-Fi Connectivity
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    Few meters range...

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