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For many years I've had an interrest in models and electronics. I work in embedded hardware and software development. I'm already running fpv and would like to develop it to include GPS based control. I've been developing some electronics for RC aircraft and have ordered the Ardupilot board. I've had a Co-Pilot for some time but haven't used it. We have lots of hills, so it will be interrestion to see how the IR works.

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Paul Bealing commented on eUGENE's blog post Is it possible to beat drone jammers?
"Our model club is adjacent to a site that has been operating 2.4GHz jamming on and off for the past 3+ years.  In my testing the only 2.4GHz RC that was immune is the Corona DSSS.  I have also been thinking about this for some time.  What about…"
Oct 14, 2017
Paul Bealing commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Anyone remember UNAV?
"The FMA Copilot was the first one I used. It worked well except on frosty mornings, on a Dynam Hawksky. It amazed me how well it worked when flown near hills where the horizon on one side should have appeared higher than the horizon on the other…"
Apr 9, 2016
Paul Bealing commented on Melih Karakelle's blog post Weird story about Google/Nest and Hardware bricking
"It's a pity that the emphasis has gone away from stand-alone and towards APPs and connected services. Manufacturers want to tie your hardware to their systems for information collection and/or ongoing revenue, at least until they decide they've had…"
Apr 9, 2016
Paul Bealing commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post Building, flying and crashing a large QuadPlane
Nice investigation summary.
BTW: a year or two back I had a ESC fail on a quad, I suspect due to free-fall generation. I was testing something, sent it up high and cut the motors. It fell flat with the motors windmilling. At the bottom of the…"
Mar 1, 2016
Paul Bealing commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post Building, flying and crashing a large QuadPlane
"A pity about the crash. It didn't seem to hit so hard, but the damage was major.
A few thoughts about ESCs.
The sticker placement is pretty silly on the part of the manufacturer, but not the only problem. The failed FET is in the centre of all the…"
Feb 25, 2016
Paul Bealing commented on Gary McCray's blog post Really, really stupid idea of the month, maybe the whole year!- - Drone attack Eagles!
"Is it a joke? I'd be worried about the bird being injured when it takes on a hex or octo with CF blades. I wonder what the penalty would be for plucking a police eagle :)"
Feb 2, 2016
Paul Bealing commented on Reuben's blog post Why are some ESC's only rated to 3s or 4s Lipos ?
"I have used mostly Afro ESCs and not had any failures I can remember. I (almost) always re-work to improve the heatsink contact and solder wiring direct to the board, removing all connectors. Often the heat sink is not evenly contacting all fets.…"
Jan 31, 2016
Paul Bealing commented on Brendan Jacobs's blog post Like It or Not, Drone Licensing Is Coming
"Note : don't take this seriously :)

Idea : Every retail drone comes with an electric dog collar. It won't fly if you are not wearing the collar. If you fly too high, too far away, in a restricted area or below a low battery safety point, you get…"
Aug 21, 2015
Paul Bealing commented on Paul Meier's blog post New era for cheap HD fpv ?
"An interesting device. I don't really see the point of HD FPV video links when HD can easily be recorded on board. Using wifi for video and control may be a good idea, but it's a busy band and getting worse. How much bandwidth does a HD wifi camera…"
Apr 17, 2015
Paul Bealing commented on Joshua's blog post A reminder to double and triple check your products (exploded ESCs)
"Other than the 3-cell, 4-cell issue, it's not a good idea to have 4 ESCs stacked close together between 2 plates with very little ventilation. Even with only a few watts dissipated per ESC the heat will build up. Even though it's a 30A ESC, it won't…"
Nov 1, 2014
Paul Bealing commented on Babis HatziIoannou's blog post ArduCopter RSSI voltage modification
"A small rail-rail op-amp would be good for this. I use the TLC2272 but recently got in some MCP6401; a single op-amp in a much smaller SMD package. A bit tricky to use if you don't have a circuit board. R-R allows a simple circuit with full voltage…"
Sep 17, 2014
Paul Bealing commented on Hai Tran's blog post LiPO Fire onboard Fijian Airlines B737
"I've had a couple of in-flight (RC not full scale) cell failures in the last 5-6 years but nothing exciting. I have wondered about the balance connectors and the fraction of a mm between wires. Some have the metal terminal almost outside the plastic…"
Sep 6, 2014
Paul Bealing commented on VGR-Systems's blog post A new 32-bits DevBoard
"A very nice looking board.
I've used I2C often over many years and read of problems more recently. It's not the fastest but when working is reliable. I think many problems are due to poor interface code. Some were using libraries that I suspect are…"
Sep 23, 2013
Paul Bealing commented on Earl's blog post CAUTION ..I REALLY mean it !
"This could be useful information but without details is just a general warning. A bit like saying "I threw a match in petrol and it went boom", be careful.
I'd be keen to know: What was the battery type, size, C-rating. What charger. Had the battery…"
Aug 16, 2013
Paul Bealing commented on Nick Goodey's blog post Generate video and OSD with Arduino
"A year ago I was experimenting with something similar. I modified the DIY OSD by Dennis Frie to send GPS and a bit of other data on 2 unused video lines. I built a receiver that uses a high speed comparator to recover the data and drive a couple of…"
Feb 24, 2013
Paul Bealing commented on Todd Hill's blog post Attack of the Clones!
"The comment above by Luke is interesting, suggesting that cheaper copies can benefit the community. Correct or not, I like this thought.
Maybe the only complaint should be that they have 3DR references printed on the modules; an attempt at…"
Aug 13, 2012