New Firmware for XBeePro900

I just noticed that there is a new firmware available from DIGI for the XBeePro 900MHz radios.The new firmware #1061 has added a choice for 1 or 2 stop bits for serial I/O.New sleep functions , could be useful ground-side but not likely needed.There also are some new network node functions.There are 3 more diagnostic commands and there are functions for I/O sampling.I haven't read though the updated manual, yet, but I hope to get to this weekend if the weather keeps me from flying.
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  • @ robert 

    As far as I know there are only 4 differnent firmwares for the XBeePro900.

    2 of them are for the digi-mesh (DM) function set and now there are 2 for the (DP) function set.

    I have been using their radios (mostly X-tend & X-stream) since before digi bought out maxstream.

    I have found these radios to be remarkably stable and reliable.

    I have less experience with the Xbee radios, and my only real complaint is that the 'active-low' config. line is combined with the 'data-in' line and that there is no discussion about it in the manual , I have been meaning to contact them regarding this but I haven't yet.


    @ Ersin I haven't tried the new firmware yet.

    If my experience with the X-stream + x-tend radios reflects on the xbee's , one can recover from any firmware disaster if you have an interface board from digi. (such as loosing power during an update)

    I intend to fully bench test my xbees this winter.

  • hi or low,

    every few weeks new xbee firmware will be available.

    some with more and some with less problems.

    this is the reason why i think about using an atrf212 or 231 .

    and doing 6lowpan  over the air :)

    having a mesh network in the air to play with <G>



  • Anyone tested it ? i m really afraid of broke another Xbeepro :)
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  • The updated manual can be found at:


  • Sorry I thought it was implied... when using X-CTU software there is an update button.

    I'll go to there site now & get the link for the manual & post it I a few minutes.

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