New Hexacopter Build


After I Crash my Quadro, its time to build a new Hexacopter, but with much more Payload. ^^

Carbon Frame

290 Watt Motors 840KV

20A ESC Flashed with newst SimonK

12x4 Wood Props

APM 2.0




Build some Landinglegs :)


Next Steps:

LED Lighting

Build Camera Gimbal

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  • Helo :)

    Yes the Frame is from Quadframe SIXcopter. And it looks very good for the Money, i got a Talon Hexa Frame, but this are Bullxxxx, the arms are not stable in the Frame and vibrating under load.

    Motors ePower 2217, maybe sold under brand Names ;)

    @Antonie Kruger

    Wood Props are mutch better, it runs very soft, and need no big Balancing Procedure. But dont buy Woodprops from Hobbyking etc... you need Xoar Props or somethinh other.

  • Oliver, they are cut with a CNC router or at least the UAP1 is. Laser cutting doesn't work so good with G10. I agree that they are both great frames!

  • Yep, definitely a Quadframe SIXcopter. Also check out Rusty's UAP1 frame. Doesn't look quite as cool but is more versatile. Both are dope and share a very similar design of laser cut G10, carbon booms and boom blocks.
  • The price of the heavy hexa at is amazing.,, the best hexa frame in the market in terms of value for money if you ask me.. I'm getting one for myself!
  • it is probably the heavy hexa from

  • Looks great. Very neat. Very stealthy with the all black components.

    I like the motor mounts that clamps around the carbon tube on both sides of the motor. Did you machine these yourself?

    Wooden props? - Any specific reason for this?


  • Avroto motors?????

  • Who makes the motors you are using?
  • Very nice.
  • how did you get all black motors? 

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