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3689412367?profile=originalIf you update to the latest Mission Planner (1.05) you'll see a cool new feature Michael Oborne has just added: integrated OSD video! Just select your video input device from your aircraft's camera feed from the Configuration screen (Planner tab) and it will replace the background of the artificial horizon on the GCS, turning it into a heads-up display instead, as shown in the left window above.


Pretty cool, huh? It's a virtual OSD!


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    Great feature!!! I've been thinking about this for ages. I don't understand why people have been worrying about hardware OSDs??? It makes much more sense to do it like this.
  • Thank you Thomas, I found the updata in the help tap from GCS. :)
  • SuperCharger: I guess it will update itself, if you choose check for update in th 1.0
  • So what are we currently able to use the Xbee's with for communicating with this GCS? I know we can't obviously load code over Xbee...but the CLI....sensor testing...etc...can be used with the Xbee's and not have to be over the USB??
  • Where is the 1.05? I can only find 1.0.0 over here


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    WB APM planner = Worlds best APM planner.

    Now the pros start learning from DIYdrones.com :-)


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    Woow, Congratulations Michael, well done !!!

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • Mission Planner GCS looks great, and the virtual (video overlay) OSD with selectable feed just takes the cake!
  • Cool UI


  • That's Great!
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