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  • we need to contact you,this is my email

  • @emin Bu..exactly

    very interesting concept

  • Still need ordering info on this great looking bird.

  • @belot this is the one you saw....

  • WOW!

    Let me know in case of needing a distributor for Europe & Switzerland: opens soon. Two weeks to go and we have some budget left. ;-)

  • I think:

     - wingspan?

    - payload?

    - stall speed?

    - power requirements?



    Reminds me of the scaneglet:

  • Drool......

    I want one, NO, I want three.

  • Looks nice, but after reading through all the posts, I can only conclude it looks nice.

  • The truth is that it is a spectacular model, if it goes on sale I'm sure many will beinterested, you know something is going to be in production for sale?

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