Kaiseraugst, Aargau

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36, 1 daughter, living in switzerland, marketing, pr and finance related educations and jobs, hobby rc pilot and uav/fpv enthusiast.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

i am starting up youcanfly.ch (switzerland) to promote the philosophy and to distribute the products of the ardu family. i prefer fixed wings with fpv and and ardupilot mega.


Kaiseraugst near Basel

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Remo Peduzzi replied to Remo Peduzzi's discussion Plane flies always 30-40m starboard of planned flightpath
"Thanks. I switched over."
Jun 5, 2014
Remo Peduzzi posted a discussion
Using Arduplane 3.0.1 and MP 1.2.99 we first had (if memory serves right) several good testflights with accurate results (unfortunately the t-logs aren't available anymore).Then during the first long flight in an area 600km north of the original…
Jun 4, 2014
Remo Peduzzi replied to Simon Wunderlin's discussion Stabilize not working
here are the logfiles of todays missions and the used config. seems as the logs aren't very helpful?
 2012-08-25 22-52 2.log2012-08-25 22-59 11.logmaja_apm25.param"
Aug 25, 2012
Remo Peduzzi commented on Matthew Schroyer's blog post Ride the Drone - Promo video for an NSF grant to improve STEM ed.
"Another critical comment to help you: What i can see is an impression of an airfield just right out of dreams and something which seems like a crash without a damage. But nothing about the "thing" that turns a fpv-modelairplane (?) into a drone.
Aug 10, 2012
Remo Peduzzi commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post jDrones News: jD-IOBoard v1.0
"There's some time left till x-mas but nice gadgets. will order some soon."
Jul 3, 2012
Remo Peduzzi commented on Remo Peduzzi's blog post Youcanfly has taken off: All the good DIYDrones products available now in Switzerland.
"@dany: many thanks to you and jani. Without your help it would have taken even longer.
@andreas: i holded one in my hands when i turned over to cyprus a few weeks ago. But as it seems there is a long way till it is in stock. I like the concept very…"
Jul 3, 2012
Remo Peduzzi posted a blog post
We proudly announce switzerlands first full range webshop for ardupilot ware, j-drones copter and videopiloting equipment.Take a look. There are some APM 2.0 left in stock!www.youcanfly.chSee you there.Remo* as a new shop-launch there could be some…
Jul 2, 2012
Remo Peduzzi commented on estebanflyer's blog post How Not to Work on your Quad
"As a responsible lover of course he first made happy his mistress. But as it seems there was no to time to dress for the second round."
Jul 1, 2012
Remo Peduzzi replied to Serg Abad's discussion 3DR 433 Mhz Radios not working
"I had the same problem as shown above with one of two units in the 3DR config tool. ct failed twice to enter comand mode of the radio. After connecting aother unit to the config tool (ct) which worked properly from the begining (firmware upload,…"
Jun 5, 2012
Remo Peduzzi commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post New Model for DIY UAV project.
Let me know in case of needing a distributor for Europe & Switzerland: youcanfly.ch opens soon. Two weeks to go and we have some budget left. ;-)"
Apr 3, 2012
Remo Peduzzi commented on Sandro Benigno's blog post MinimOSD in DIYDrones Store!
"Exactly my thoughts. Good give us a antenna tracker interface. But thanx for the great work so far!"
Jan 6, 2012