New mystery machines arrives to jDrones


New machines are arriving to jDrones office. 

What is it, we will se in following weeks. But as a hint there are some details that we can share now for it:

- It's 3.000 Kg heavy

- It's 2.7m tall, 1 meter wide and 2.8 meters long

- It uses electricity (and a lot)

- It's rather silent

With the machine we can really change many of our products to be better and better. It won't get tired on new parts.

Let's start guessing what it might be. 

There are few people that already know what it is and we do not accept guesses from those, you all know who i mean :)

So who will be first one to guess what is our new mystery machine???

Jani / jDrones

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  • at 3000kg, it is in the weight class of an industrial plastic injection molding system.

  • Distributor

    a new jacuzzi? come on @Jani, say what is it!!!

  • T3

    Now I'm thinking is has to be some capability they haven't had before--or can't be easily outsourced. That puts out oven, wave solder, CNC, 3d printer. Maybe injection mold machine since it would only make sense to outsource the parts if they are HUGE runs and I don't think jDrones is there yet in quantities.

  • @Steven - a divergent thinker!  You may be right, it could very well be an a/c unit.

  • I'm going for injection molding machine too. Looks about the right size/weight and they're usually from China.

  • It is a rooftop a/c unit.

  • I have a very good connection to the delivery company. I promised not to reveal the details - but i do it anyway:

    It is a nuclear powered ice cream machine for the hot weather ... :)


    Kraut Rob

  • Assembly Department from China shrunk-down for easy transport. They will replace five Departments here in US factory.

  • Lots of clues.

    Assuming you meant 3000 kg not 3kg so 6600lb.

    That's actually pretty heavy for a Wave solder machine of this size, could be though.

    Also heavy for a vacuum forming machine or a reflow oven.

    Machine tool, CNC lathe, except decidedly not quiet.

    Wrong shape for Water Jet also not quiet.

    Could be an EDM but my guess is thats a little out of your job description.

    Primary guess injection molding machine.

    Secondary guess really heavy duty CNC laser except usually not all that quiet due to fan.

    If it was a flux capacitor as suggested above, you could simply go forward in time and steal the technology you haven't invented yet from yourselves and bring it back and make it, so that would certainly let you make many of your products better. So very outside shot at flux capacitor.

  • T3

    A flux capacitor

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