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  • Great. It would be useful with the UAV I am currently building and I don't have the expertise to design something like this myself. Keep up the good work! Leo.

  • Yes it stalled for a bit. But I am working on it slowly since about a month again in my "spare" time. :) There should be something new to report in not too far future.

  • How is it going with the project. Is the ESC still in development or has it stalled?

  • Hi! I just found this post. o_O Just to streighten things out, we are not switching to Atmega, that would be a step back not forward. The reason for Cortex-M3 are better control algorithms then trapezoidal used currently in all motor controllers available in the hobbyist market. That means longer and more reliable flight times :)
  • Its good to see more and more opensource projects like this. It seems quite similar to the mikrokopters ESCs, these are AVR based using I2C as the control protocol and the source code is available. The microchip website has a good application note for a brushless controller for the PIC which maybe a good alternative alternative although as bGatii says theyre not as RC focused. As for control protocol I2C is perfect for this kind of situation although SPI would work equally as well.
  • I see a need! I keep getting screwed over by my ESC guessing wrong when it comes to the max/min throttle setting. Same reason I built my own modems. Hobby stuff works 90% but that last 10% seems to creep up enough to make you roll your own.
  • Most microprocessor makers provide an opensource BLMC circuit and software, but it's good to see a focused solution on advanced RC - and yes, I2C is the only reasonable choice for uav as it's multidrop, low cost included periphery and suitable for the distances involved. To become a universal protocal requires a standards committee (ie gps at address 32, airspeed on 35, etc...)
  • Chris Anderson: My understanding is that the Eagle Tree systems already work on I2C bus.
  • I've been following this project, its very cool although as much as I love the Cortex M3s it was over kill in this project and pushed the price up, not sure why they made this choice at the start? Must have had their reasons. Cool to see they are switching to ATMegas that should lower the price a great deal, I wonder why they did this instead of using the Cortex M0s though.
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    Looks like they're switching to Atmegas. See current status post.
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