New Professional Multirotor Airframes


We would like to introduce our new line of high quality professional multirotor airframes.

Please check them on our online shop at:

- Extremely Rigid and durable structure
- Professional grade airframe
- 3K twill weave matte carbon fiber parts (2mm thickness)
- 3K twill weave matte carbon fiber booms (OD 22mm)
- Customable and grow with the owners needs
- Clear assembly instructions and parts list
- Ability to attach other vendors accessories and components
- Suitable for 22XX to 28XX sized motors (M3) - Other sizes available also. Check options.



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  • Will do. Thank you.

  • Olá Rui

    In portuguese you could also post some details at

    best regards

    RCMPT - Aeromodelismo em Portugal - Noticias e Eventos
    RCMPT - Maior forum de Aeromodelismo, Helimodelismo e FPV de Portugal.

    Quadcopter Airframe Kit: 188,79 €
    Hexacopter Airframe Kit: 239,20 €
    Octocopter Airframe Kit: 319,20 €

    Valid until: 20th of July

  • Perfect! Thank you very much:).

  • Ken the weights are:

    Quadcopter: Less than 650g

    Hexacopter: Less than 850g

    Octocopter: Less than 1150g

  • Developer

    CF rust is a myth. I don't know who started it, but it's kinda ridiculous when you consider what CF is made of (epoxy and carbon threads).

  • @iw28: I have the Turnigy talon frame. It's a great frame, I absolutely love it, but this frame is a lot more ideal in the long run. The larger diameter arms make a really big difference, and attempting to put tall landing gear, or all your equipment for that matter, on the talon is like trying to put the contents of a house into a Prius.

  • @Rui, Nice looking frames. Can you tell us how much each of the bare frames weigh in grams? I couldn't find that information on your web site. Thanks:)!

  • Easily the most skull piercing leg design I have seen to date.
  • Very nice quality frames and the prices seem reasonable considering the material and apparent construction.

    Thanks for sharing, Rui.
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