New Prop Adapters


I recently acquired some new prop adapters from 3DR. see 

They require you to replace the motor drive shaft which is simple but not uncomplicated task. To help anybody who wants to do the same I have created an Instructable (see ) with the use of minimal tools.

I look forward to comments on how I can improve it.

Thanks :-)

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  • Bill, I am in Europe , I am only able to select fedex. Is this not right? If so, I will contact sales - thanks.

  • Developer
    You should be able to get USPS. Send a mail to for help if you cannot see it.
  • Great that these are now available, as I just lost one of those "screw caps" of one of my prop holders. Guess I should have tightened them better.

    Can I order them somewhere in Europe too? Not looking forwards to paying $45 for fedex for a $6 component...

  • Are these worth getting to replace my old ones?

  • Thanks Bill

  • Developer
    @Steven: the motor size specs look the same, so a tentative yes. But ask Jani to confirm.
  • If you order new motors do they come with the new prop adapters.



  • Are the 880Kv ones compatible with the jDrones 880Kv motors please?
    Motor AC2836-358, 880Kv
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  • MR60

    @Bill, thx for the info

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